Friday, December 31, 2010

Cycle # 9

Almost Happy New Year! We are heading out to go to dinner with some friends BUT this afternoon after running a ton of errands I went out for a quick bike ride around my inlaws neighborhood.  Hope everyone has a fun but safe New Years Eve!

Results of Cycle #9
Distance: 6.13 miles
Time: 22:34
Pace: 16.3 mph

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Run # 45

"The pride you gain is worth the pain" - Dennis Ogilvie

1st run since the OUC race and since I've been home. Florida has been quite chilly lately so I've been sticking indoors on the elliptical instead and slowly easing back into this whole workout routine.

Tonight though - it was a little warmer so I decided to test the legs out and go outside. Not too shabby for not running for 3 weeks. tee hee

Results of Run #45
Distance: 1.00 mile
Time: 9:19

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We are home! And that means getting back into running.

We were on vacation from December 10 - 21st, then of course Christmas came out of nowhere as well as some really cold weather. Right now as I write its 38 degrees in Orlando - way to cold!!  Vacation was amazing, the hubby and I went to Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora bora and then on the way back stayed in LA for 2 nights to see Hollywood and Disneyland.  The islands were gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, and we had a wonderful time. here are a few pics of the trip

In Moorea we went swimming with Blacktip sharks and stingrays - yes it sounds crazy and living in FL and going to the beach where shark bites are extremely common had us nervous at first BUT we had the best time and this was a TON of fun. We gave stingrays hugs and kisses and the sharks would come about a foot away.

 Bora Bora is a 30 min plane ride from Moorea and its absolutely gorgeous. It doesnt seem like it could be real the way there are so many different color blues in the water, but the amazing thing is that its all real. We had a great time and went jet-skiing around the entire island, went on a tour by 4x4 and were able to see some of the old WWII cannons, and of course snorkeled and got to see sea turtles! 

Hope everyone had a great Christmas - I know we did! Now its time to get back to the gym !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Run # 44

"When the gun shoots, you got to go." - Ato Boldon

This morning at 7am was the Downtown Orlando 1/2 Marathon and 5K. It was a great race and a great time. There were a ton of 1/2 Marathoners and they started first - when I got to the starting area I guess they asked who was doing the 5K and a bunch of people were in the corral for the 1/2 and the announcers said you need to go to the side of the road unless you want to run an extra 10 this morning. hahah oopsie.              
It was a chilly one this morning! The temp outside said 40 degrees when I woke up - I made the smart choice and wore my long running pants, and my nike long sleeved shirt - I was still cold but not as cold as I could have been. Once the horn was blown everyone took off and I (like usual) started off quick and I hate the beginning of races - so many people running at varying speeds so everyone is weaving in and out. The course was nice - going through downtown residential areas where its brick streets - the path they set up was nice though there was a tiny unexpected hill that kinda sucked but all was still ok. Too bad the Garmin doesnt track elevation, I'd like to know how 'big' this 'hill' is. haha.  Had 2 stop 2ce, kinda - 1ce to tie my shoe that decided todays the day that it was going to come undone and then at the water stop i had to walk to not spill it all over me since 40 degrees being wet didnt sound like a fun idea. It wasnt a long stop just enough to gulp down a mouthful and get another in my mouth to hold and then spit out just so my mouth wasnt dry.

Ok So the end of this race was the all time favorite. We made a right turn and had to run maybe .3-.4 of a mile (or at least thats what it felt like) - then we made a left and the finish line was right there like less than .1 away. I hate when you're in a race and you turn the last corner and the finish is visually so far away. So this way i was super motivated to pick up the speed and finish.  I'm happy with this morning - so glad I got up and for the hard work I have a new 5K PR!! Guess I'm going to have to start running more than 3 miles now

Results of Run #34
Distance: 3.15 miles
Time: 29:55
Pace: 9:30 / mile
M1 - 9:21
M2 - 9:56
M3 - 9:22
M4 (.15) - 8:30 pace

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Summary

Sigh - another month is over - kinda wish I had a 'good' month but with the CPA test and then being out of town for Thanksgiving my time was really limited. Yes I could have ran at my parents but Ohio in November = C-O-L-D! I'm a FL girl - I dont do cold. haha

Just a warning about December - vacation and holidays will be here before we know it, I'm trying hard to get some miles in before all this happens so dont be disappointed when you dont see an update from me in a while.

33.25 miles in November
Biking: 15.49 miles
Running: 9.4 miles
Elliptical: 5.36 miles
Walking: 3 miles

News Flash

I am still Alive I promise!!

haha - I havent been out for a run since sunday - monday was gym night which consisted of the elliptical and treadmill where I did 1 mile on each. Havent seen my best friend since I was out of town and missed our annual Turkey Trot 5K so we walked on the treadmill and chatted it up before Spin class then for an hour sweated out all the yummies from turkey day.

Tonight - back to the gym, decided to show the elliptical some more love and pushed the interval button. The 'program' looked like a rolling hill that never stopped. 2.5 miles later it was weight time. There are these great machines at the gym and they move with you (I'll have to get the name later) but it was a great workout and I have a feeling I might be yelled at by the muscles tomorrow morning.

Ooh Ooh - this weekend 5K - i'm excited. I havent ran a race 5K since well umm April. Its ok - I am a slacker. Ahh so race day - is a 5K or 1/2 marathon (sigh - one day I'll sign up for that one) BUT kinda booo hiss is the fact the race starts at 715am for the 5K - its right outside my house so I dont have to worry about having to get up early to drive somewhere but still - ugh! I love sleeping in. ::Fingers crossed:: for a new 5K PR - we'll see though.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Run #43

"The real purpose of running isnt to win a race. It's to test the limites of the human heart." - Bill Bowerman

So tonight after our bike ride, we got back to the house and after helping his parents hang a few more Christmas lights - we got the dog on the leash and went for a run around the neighborhood. I think I've said it before but the neighborhood is small and its nice because its one loop and when you include the driveway (its a long one) you can easily do 1.5 miles which is awesome. BUT holy hills - well I'm not sure you can call them hills but in 3 spots there are some really good inclines.

Brett and I ran together - the garmin died on us starting up so we found a stopwatch (so no splits - boo). I really enjoyed running with him tonight. Yes usually I hate it but he was a HUGE help. I was not in the mood to run, once we started i wanted to quit and he gave me pointers on how to run downhill without killing my legs. THEN, near the finish he was pushing me to get there and to my surprise, had a decent time in my book. :)

Results of Run #43
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 14:26
Pace: 9:37 / mile

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cycle #8

"Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike." - Fausto Coppi

Hello World - yes its been a while. I had my 1st part of the CPA test last week and when I finished it was get home and pack the car for a nice 16 hour drive up to Ohio to visit family for Thanksgiving. Its not fun driving at night but its great because there is no traffic and the dog sleeps the entire way.

There is the Kady Monster in my parents backyard, going for a walk on the trail. While walking, I thought it would be a nice run because the scenery is gorgeous, but it was SO cold!! Brett tried going for a run while we were there but when its only about 40 outside and the wind makes it feel colder, forget it!

So anyways - we are back in FL - it was a nice 76 today!! Went to visit Bretts parents and we went out for a nice bike ride. After being couped up in a car for 16 hours on the way home it was nice taking a nice ride around a few neighborhoods.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did!

Results of Cycle #8

Distance: 12.1 miles

Time: 51:30

Pace: 14.1 mph

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Run #42

"Every run is a great run!" - Sasha Azevedo

Tonight was a GREAT run. Well not at first. BFizzle and I thought the event going on downtown was over so when got close to the event (which was the Orlando food and Wine fest and some concert) it was all gated and blocked off so there was NO running the normal path. I cut through some parking lot, down a few steps to the lake and ran the lake, while Brett - I'm not sure where he went.

Holy people tonight - who do not pay attention to where they are walking and I swear hear me huffing and puffing behind them and wont be a tad bit courteous and move over 4 inches. One lady, appeared out of nowhere and doesnt even look to where she is going and her person with her didnt look either and the decide to walk in the middle of the sidewalk (when granted there were a TON of people around). Well since she kinda came out of nowhere I didnt see it coming and flat our ran into her purse hanging off the side of her. I really dont care what she thought/said to me since I couldnt hear much except what was on the iPod and I was moving tonight.

Ok back to the 'great' run aspect about this - The weather was great, a little chilly but not horrible, and I ran great and have a new 2 Mile PR. YIPPEEE!

Results of Run #42
Distance: 2.10
Time: 20:13
Pace: 9:37/mile
M1: 9:49
M2: 9:35
M3 (.1) - 8:12 / mile pace

2 mile: 19:24

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

So through Kitzzy's blog I saw this thing called the Bootie buster challenge - I immediatly was interested b/c of the word Bootie alone. hahah

Anyone can sign up through the blog and its from Nov 20th - January 7th and the goal is to not gain the lbs during the holidays. To keep things fun - for the activities you do you 'earn' points and points can win you free stuff!!

Put your name on the list - give it a try - it should be fun! :)

Run # 41

"No Pain, No gain" - Athletic Proverb

So its been a while - let me give a quick update. Nov 22 - I take part 1 of the CPA exam. Yep, I'm a nerd. I have a double major in Accounting and Finance and worked at the Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young before throwing in the towel after 2.5 years. Its a great company, but its hard to really have a life / see my husband when you're required to work a minimum 55 hours a week January - March (the most hours i put in 1 week was 75 and NO there is no thing as overtime). So anyways, I've come to this point in my life to where I've realized if I want to be respected more / get into a better job I need those 3 little letters. This test is not fun and its 4 parts so Part 1 is 10 days away. YIKES. So doing anything 'fun' like running/exercising has but cut from my normal routine in order to study, study, eat, and study when I get home from work.

BUT - last night I needed a good run. Not sure what was going to happen so I went out later - I'm not a fan of it being dark so soon but whatever. Once I got outside I figured I'd do a mile and go from there - well I 'cheated' and looked at the garmin and I was moving so I figured lets go all out and see how fast I can just do 1 mile. I <3 it. I PR'ed tonight. I am so happy and it felt amazing to go out and run. Tonight - ugh - I wanted to run again but i'm being lazy updating daily mile/ and this blog so tomorrow during a break I'll run or go ride and log some miles :)

Results of Run #41
Distance: 1.00 mile
Time: 9:00
Pace: 9:00 / mile
Previous 1 Mile Record: 9:19

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I Love FitSoks!!!!

So Back in August I won a pair from Courtney @ and fell in love. Went to facebook - found FitSok and 'liked' them. and here and there they'll have giveaways so I posted in time and I won!!! So excited.
cant wait to get these in the mail.

Ok so what makes these so great is

1 - they dont bunch

2 - they dont slide down your heel

3 - they keep your feet dry (yes even for hot sticky FL weather i've noticed my feeet are drier than normal when I go run and come back and take my shoes off)

4 - they fit great

5 - they are cushy but not too soft and not too thin either.

I highly recommend these if you are a: in the market for some new socks b: want to take my word for it and try some out. 1 downside is they do not sell in FL - you can order online through their website :)

and No - they did not ask/tell me to do this - I'm doing it off my own free will b/c I really like their product. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

October Summary

48.97 miles in October!
Because I heart Numbers Here is a breakout:
Swimming: Zero - gotta get back into the pool
Biking: 25.99 miles
Running: 17.33 miles
Walking: 5.65 miles
Started the 100 Pushup Challenge this month ! So far so good - its a great challenge and I can tell a difference already.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Run #39 & 40

"You play the way you practice" - Pop Warner

I've been busy so this is a combo of Yesterdays and Today's run.

Yesterday - Gym day - 1 mile walk on the treadmill before spin class. 1 hour spin class - it was HOT. There was no AC in the room tonight. So I think I sweated an additional 20 lbs. It felt good, especially after all the halloween candy. Good thing today is Nov 1st - Brett and I are starting fresh, going on vacation next month so we are going to attempt to cut back on our sweets in the house for November (except when Thanksgiving comes - we'll have to cheat a little then). Then when I came home, Brett and I went for a run around the lake. it was late so it was really dark and with the election tomorrow the senate candidates were doing something so they had all kinds of stuff blocked off so a normal run turned into an adventure run.

Today - came home, started to clean house, went and picked up hubby from work, came home finished cleaning, had a freak out moment b/c of the time it was taking - so hubby finished chores and I went for a stress relief run. wasnt far - just had to get out - it rained this afternoon so it was gorgeous out. Nobody around the lake, nice cool weather = nice run.
After I got back I re-started week 4 of the 100 pushup challenge. Last week I did day 1 but never finished out the week so Tonight was a great night to start over. :)

Results of Run #39
Distance: 1.30 miles
Time: 13:04
Pace: 10:01 / mile
M1 - 10:03
M2 (.3) - 9:51

Results of Run #40
Distance: 1.15
Time: 11:13
Pace: 9:46 / mile
M1 - 9:51
M2 (.15) - 9:16

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Run # 38

"I'll be your distraction" - Angels & Airwaves

This is one of the best songs I have to run to - it comes on at pretty much the most perfect time almost every run I go on. Its like my iPod knows I'm struggling and starts this song up and I know I can make it through the rest of the run.

Tonight Brett got home from work and said lets go for a run (I was prepared to go, just was waiting for the weather to cool down some). Well we did our opposite way run and after 1 lap I dont see him at high five spot 2 so I begin to wonder what happened and when I finally see him he says hes done - mentally I want to stop too, but I tell him I'm going to finish the 2 laps we initially set out to do.

Next thing I know I see a shadow of a person and its Brett- he decided not to quit and said I motivated him to keep going. Now I'm really messed up mentally because I hate running with him since hes 'a runner' and a 'fast' one at that. So I tell him to quit following me and to go ahead so I can follow - my calves hurt, my legs hurt, my side hurts, but I have to finish - thats when Angels & Airwaves comes on <3 <3 and I finished. Thank God tonight!

Results of Run #38
Distance: 2.50
Time: 25:30
Pace: 10:11
M1 - 10:24
M2 - 10:06
M3 (.50) - 9:56

Run # 37

"Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder" - William Sigei

Tonight was a hot one - I dont get it, its getting darker sooner and its still HOT out! Tonight Brett and I 'Ran' together - he went one way, and I the other so we would cross paths and give eachother high fives. awwwww

Once finished through - wowzers....drenched. Like I felt like I jumped in a pool with all my clothes on. I hope the fall weather comes back soon

Results of Run #37
Distance: 2.41
Time: 23:46
Pace: 9:52 / mile
M1 - 9:53
M2 - 9:47
M3 (.41) - 10:01

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cycle # 7

Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever. - Lance Armstrong

My morning to the tune of Kesha's Tik Tok - hahaha
"wake up in the morning feeling like H.Diddy, Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm going to ride this city. Before I leave brush my teeth with some aquafresh, 'cause when I leave for my morning ride, I'll be right back"

Wow - I cant believe that just happened. Looks like I burned too many calories this morning change a song on the radio to something relevant to my morning.

At the inlaws (where I keep my bike) - and since yesterday I spent all day studying, I decided today I'd get up and go for a ride. Its been a while since I've gone on a ride bymyself and 'really' rode. Not that I dont like riding with Brett, its just his mom's bike he uses isnt really meant for speed (and its not that I'm that fast either but ya know what I mean). SO get all my stuff together, and head out. Do a few loops around the neighborhood since its hilly. Man oh man I forgot about speed and hills - it gets tough!

The worst part about riding out here is the stupid gate - because I'm not a car the stupid strips when you want to leave wont open. Once I got lucky and hit the strip just right and the gate opened (how I did it I have no clue), but today, no such luck. I tried squeezing through the little opening but the bike wouldnt go so I got to catch my breath for 3-5 mins before a car came in through the other gate and gave the weird look at me like what are you doing.

Oh the other negative about riding is coming back home and dealing with traffic lights / cars. I really dont want to get hit so I try to obey the lights but this morning after waiting at 1 light and it not realizing I was there to change, I said forget it there isnt any traffic and turned left on a red light to head home. Good thing there isnt a red light camera. ha ha ha.

Results of Cycle # 7
Distance: 10.72
Time: 39:16
Pace: 16.4 mph
3.42 / mile avg, 3:31 fastest mile

Friday, October 22, 2010

Run #36

"Winners never quit and quitters never win" - Vince Lombardi
Yep there's me before my run tonight - hahah amazing what an iphone and a mirror can do. I'm so silly. I actually was kinda excited to go for a run after work today. I mean who comes home from work on friday and goes to the gym or for a run? Hardly anyone.
Maybe 4 mins into my run though, my legs told me they hated me. My legs felt tight and my shins they just werent having anything today. I came this close to quitting but decided nope thats not what runners do, they dont quit .5 miles into a run. So I told my legs to suck it up and that we were doing at least 2 miles and to get over it.
So thats that - friday run after work a tiny bit over 2 miles and I'm still smiling that I went out and ran after work.
Results of Run #36
Distance: 2.15 miles
Time: 21:21
Pace: 9:55 / mile
M1 - 10:12
M2 - 9:49
M3 (.15) 8:55 / mile

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Run #35

"There is an itch in runners" - Arnold Hano

Today I had the running itch. When I got home from work, I couldnt wait to go out and run. Maybe its because I went to the chiropractor and he made me feel amazing. I dont know what causes it but after doing so much (biking/running) my lower back cramps up bad and after a quick to the chiro for an adjustment and some electric shocks while laying on the heat pad, I feel like a new person. Its been a while since I've seen my chiropractor (1 year!), so whatever he does definately helps.

So anyways, I got home went to go run but 1. i wanted to do a long run (no not long like that - right now long for me is 3.1) but 2 didnt want to over do it since i just went to the dr to get 'fixed' and 3. I'm studying for the CPA exam and really wanted to knock some studying out to not stay up super late. So off I went and took the garmin today and after i hit 1.25 miles I said 1.5 would be my stopping point and tomorrow i'll see how i feel about going further :)

oh and tonight - i updated some goals, updated my 'about me' and posted about a giveaway so check it all out :)

Results of Run#35
Distance: 1.52
Time: 14:28
Pace: 9:31 / mile (though garmin says 9:29)
M1- 9:46
M2 (.52) - 8:57 (holy crap how did i have that in me i have no idea)

Ooh a giveaway

A tasty one to be exact. So if youre like me and stalk...i mean read other peoples blogs, is giving away suncakes. WTH (What the heck!?!?) are suncakes you ask - well first off they are a company and they gave skinny runner their Heart Thrive energy bars.

Since I screwed that all up - go check out her website and read all about it. She does a better job than me describing them. Oh and leave a comment too for your entry.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cycle # 6

This post is late. But in order to keep my #'s in order, I'm just putting in the results and a little detail.

At the inlaws - didnt bring my cycle shoes, so what do you do? Go riding your sandals. Yes, clipless pedals somehow using my sandals over top = a very interesting ride. But hey it was something.

Results of Cycle #6
Distance: 5.81 miles
Time: 26:xx minutes (i cant find my time on the garmin and daily mile rounds time)
Pace: 13.3 mph

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Run #34

"I just felt like running" - Forrest Gump

Yep, best quote of the day. I totally just felt like running tonight. I did my day 2 of week 2 of the 100 Pushup challenge when I got home and then headed out to go run. I did my usual square and I swear everyone drank the stupid juice today - I had so many people walk infront of me that I swear saw me but whatever.
After the square I usually do the circle around the Lake....but since there were a Ton of people out, I decided to double up on my square. Doing this does 2 things - 1 helps me mentally with running since that is a huge weakness of mine and 2 if I complete 2 I'm doing more than my 2.25 miles.
SOOO complete 2 squares and sneak a peak at the garmin and it says 2.51 miles- UGH so close but so far, and I felt ok so I kept going. I ran .25 then turned around and HOLY GEEZE - the hardest thing I've done in a while is run towards home - it looks so close but its not. Its the worst thing in the world and then I finished the 3.0 mile mark and sprinted to do get my .1 to mark my 5K time.
The last time I Ran a 5K was in April at the Annual IOA 5K which is in Downtown Orlando with 15,000 people! Very very crowded and I didnt record my time. I cant wait to start shaving time of this starting point!
Results of Run #34
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 31:18
Pace: 10:05 / mile
M1 - 10:38
M2 - 9:36
M3 - 10:12
M4 (.1) - 8:51

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Run #33

"Never Give Up" - Jim Valvano

Tonight I dont know how many times I wanted to give up - wait actually I might have an estimate - hmmm - 3-4 times.

This week has been busy - Hollie its only Tuesday- yes I know but Saturday started the annual inventory at work that my department observes. Granted its easy what I have to do but saturday i was on my feet for 7 hours recounting inventory and then sunday Brett and I were at a car event so again a lot of being on my feet walking around and then monday inventory for 5 hours.

I didnt think much of being on my legs all weekend but they definately told me today how sore they were.

Results of Run# 33
Distance: 2.25
Time: 23:25
Pace: 10:24 / mile avg
No garmin today- let my hubby use it :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Run #32

"The more I train, the more I realize I have more speed in me" - Leroy Burrell

Back from an awesome run tonight. Yes that is a cheezy pic of me drinking my chocolate milk! Its SOOOO good after a run. One day I'll find the link about the article and post it here, until then here's how today went.

Work was blah - ate toooo many raisinettes at work today b/c my stomach was like Holy Moly your about to make me really upset. So when I got home I wasnt feeling like doing much except be lazy but instead I thought - what would all these virtual people who's blogs I stalk do? (Get the laptop, check out skinny runner's blog, Courtney's blog, Kitzzys blog, and said ok lets go run).

Running felt a little slow at the start but I didnt cheat and look at the garmin - I just wanted to run and see how far I could go before I wanted to stop and not look at the garmin for distance or time until the very end (and I think it paid off - at least for the time part b/c distance I did my regular area so I had an idea how far I'd been).

Results of Run#32
Distance: 2.25 miles
Time: 22:08
Pace: 9:50 / mile
M1 - 10:04
M2 - 9:43
M3 (.25) - 9:24

*Run#30 was the same distance and I was 34 seconds faster today. Whoot whoot!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

100 Push-Up Challenge

I started the 100 pushup challenge this past week. I started on Sunday with day 1 of week 1 and wow, 13 push ups total through 5 sets and my arms were SO sore until basically today.
Tonight I did day 2 of week 1 and felt good - the 1st set was difficult since I could tell they were a little sore still and I couldnt find a good spot on the carpet (our floors are wood and i find it really hard to do on wood).
Here and there I'll post in with updates from the challenge (they also have other challenges so I might attempt one or two of those)

Run #31

"Act like a horse. Be dumb. Just run."- Jumbo Elliot

Today at lunch I came home to take the dog (aka Kady Monster) out like usual and decided to change and really take her for a good walk since I havent had a chance to run on Monday or Tuesday.

After getting her to do her business I figured lets go for a run and see what happens - Kady is a doberman (Shes very unhappy in this photo - she wasnt really wanting to be outside) and eventhough shes 6 she can run like a champ when she wants. Shes a nut so she usually runs with her dad since he can keep a pace she really likes so today was going to be hit or miss.

So we started running and to my surprise, her old age is finally kicking in and I actually enjoyed running with my dog for like the 1st time ever! It was so much fun. And on my lunchbreak too! Exercising on my lunch break was awesome - just took some lunch back with me to work and ate at my desk while reviewing documents/files on the computer and felt so accomplished! I might have to try to do this more often. Luckily today there as a nice breeze and it wasnt too hot so I did sweat some but not enough to have to worry about washing my hair to head back to work. :)

Results of Run#31

Distance: 1.15 miles

Time: ?? I didnt take the garmin

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cycle #5

"What do you call a cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet? An organ donor."- David Perry

So this morning Brett took the pup for a run then we went for our weekend ride. Its really windy today and of course its coming right at you the entire time. Since he already went for a run he didnt last long and left to come back home at 1.5 miles.
So back home we went and while i was grabbing my helmet and garmin and getting situated on the bike I somehow wiped out in the driveway on my own. Well I know how - I had my foot clipped in and forgot so when I went to put my foot down for balance it didnt happen so the concrete and I had a morning hug. It was great / hilarious. So accidents can happen anywhere - so wear the helmets people. (hahah)
The ride went well, though something was rattling the entire time which kept me in the neighborhood doing the same loop for 5.26 miles. I didnt want to go too far just in case something were to happen. Plus with the wind - talk about a workout.
Results of Cycle #5
Distance: 5.26 miles
Time: 20:57
Pace: 15.1 mph avg pace

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Summary

37.23 miles in September

I was about 12 miles less than August but I also had a Dr's not stating no activity for a week after surgery. SO Im happy with this months activity.

I'll have to come back and update later the breakouts - I want October to be just as great - its going to be a juggle, I started studying for the CPA exam and that takes a lot of time and focus so I am going to cut down on posting and do a summary per week I think - we'll see what happens.

Here's to October being a great month!

Biking: 20.45 miles
Running: 11.53 miles
Elliptical: 2.25 miles
walking: 3.0 miles

Run #30

"Motivation is a skill. It can be learned and practiced" - Amby Burfoot

I wasnt really motivated tonight. Long day at work didnt even leave on time to go to the gym because of stuff coming up so when I got home I was done. Brett insisted we go out for a run so I got ready and out we went.

I started out with the mentality of only running my square and it was slower than normal, i was cramping , wasnt in the mood, just didnt want to run but knew I had to finish. After completing 1.2 miles I figured lets keep going and go around the lake to make the hubby happy. WOW, running around a lake when it gets dark you get to eat so many bugs.

So I finished running around the lake and then continued to the light to hit my longest run to date: 2.25 miles! Whoo Hoo. It is SO hard to get past 2 miles mentally. So this is just proof I can do it and I'm so fortunate to have a live in motivator to get me outside.

Results of run #30
Distance: 2.25 miles
Time: 22:42
Pace: 10:05 / mile avg
M1 - 10:18
M2 - 9:59
M3 (.25) - 9:39 pace

Bugs eaten: at least 2 - hahhah

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Run #29

"Running is my sunshine" - Joan Twine

Today Running was my sunshine. Weather reports here today in sunny FL called for Rain, lots of rain because of this tropical depression turned tropical storm Nicole - aka not real news. So I was pretty bummed about not being able to go run outside today since we've had some decent rain lately.

So anways - busy night tonight after work with a 6pm mtg so I get home from work change and head out for my run. The garmin wasnt charged so it was a get an ipod play list going and let it go until I press stop to calculate the time and then use map my run to see how far i went. I was hurting tonight - the calves were burning but I had to keep going and it kinda paid off. Oh and yeah thats me before my run
Results of Run #29
Distance: 1.47 miles (Thanks
Time: 14:03
Pace: 9:33 / mile (WOWZERS!) maybe thats why the calves were burning some today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Run #28

"A runner must run with dreams in his heart" - Emil Zatopek

Today was a long day at work. It was very aggervating and I really felt like I was going to come home and just run 10 miles. Now I've never ran before but you can tell just from that statement it was not a great day.

Tonight Brett wanted to really run, so I let him use my garmin since I was sticking to my normal path. So I ran my square and saw my friend Alex running with her running group and felt motivated to keep going so around the lake I went. It felt great! I'm very happy with my run tonight. Longest distance to date!

Results of Run #28
Distance: 2.18 miles
Time: 21:03
Pace: 9:39 / mile

Cycle #4

"The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community" - Ann Strong

I thought this quote was hilarious. I love my husband TONS and eventhough we are getting older each year i'd never dispose or trade him in for a new one.

Speaking of my awesome hubby, he worked 71 hours in 4 days and then after a long weekend of doing so much needed cleaning of our cars, and waxing, and giving the dogs a bath I said lets go for a bike ride and even though he was exhausted he agreed and we decided to go exploring the neighborhood next door to his parents.

So we had a nice ride - just need to get him his own bike eventually

Results or Cycle #4
Distance: 10.11 miles
Time: 48:00 minutes
Pace: 12.7mph avg pace

Friday, September 17, 2010

In case you didnt know....

Why am I including a picture of a Spiral Staircase? Well these are the stairs in my house. a nice looking way to get upstairs, they are grey and made of metal. Ok so what is my point aready? WELL - I got ready upstairs for my run (had my FitSok's on) and grabbed our laundry basket to take downstairs and if that wasnt a pain enough doing that...lets just say socks and stairs do not mix. EVER!
FitSoks are so soft and dont do well on metal stairs (we have wood floors too and its fun to slide all over the place in them!) I almost - almost slipped and that my friends would seriously result in a trip to the hospital.
So just a little FYI :) Happy friday

Run #27

You only grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone - Percy Cerutty

Running on a friday is definately outside my comfort zone and running back to back days is WAYYY outside my comfort zone. So why would I do something as Crazy as this then? Because my husband was out of town all week and wasnt home yet and since I had already cleaned house, instead of playing on the internet wasting my life away I decided to (hopefully) prolong it.
Good Answer right??

Trust me I was skeptical at first - I ran 2ce yesterday (OMG!) and figured lets give tonight a try. It was nice weather tonight - a nice breeze (Which wasnt so nice when I figured out it was coming at me in certain areas of my run - downtown bldgs make for wind tunnels so the wind gets strong out of nowhere)

Part of my problem running is speed - I wear my self out too quick sometimes but my biggest issue is the mental aspect. I'm working on it - tonight wasnt great because I had in my mind I'd get to my 'spot' and once I got there I gave into the pain and quit. Boo! But 3 runs in 2 days - not too bad. Lets see what happens next week!

Resuts of Run #27
Distance: 1.33 miles
Time: 12:54
Pace: 9:41 / mile avg
M1 - 9:57
M2 (.33) - 9:01

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Product Review

So last month I posted about a give a way my virtual friend Courtney was giving away.

Well I was a winner! I was so excited. Well before my surgery the socks came in the mail and I put them on immediately and they are amazing feeling. I used them this week at the gym and on my runs and WOW - WOW - WOW. Best Socks I think I have! Being in Florida its pretty much always humid so doing anything results in sweaty feet and after my run tonight, took the socks off and dry feet. AMAZING!

FitSok, check them out on facebook - push the like button, ever so often they have giveaways :)

Pretty awesome

Run #26

You must do the thing which you think you cannot do - Eleanor Roosevelt

I didnt think I'd be going for a run tonight but I felt good and figured lets see what happens.

Of course I thought my run would be doomed because upon leaving the house, i was wrapping my too long of headphones around my ipod clip and slipped and dropped the cord tripping on it and somehow lost 1 ear piece. Ugh! I hate only having 1 ear.

Guess some new headphones are on my To Buy list. Anyone have any favorites? Please note I do not like the standard ones you get from Apple when you buy a new iPod b/c they dont fit in my ears.

Results of Run #26
Distance: 1.50
Time: 14:34
Pace: 9:43 / mile avg
M1 - 9:50
M2 (.5) - 9:29 pace

Run #25

Listen to your body. Do not be a blind and deaf tenant - Dr. George Sheehan

I woke up this morning and felt like a run before work. I like running in the morning. Its such a great feeling because the heart gets pumping and I feel like I've accomplished something.

I actually took my garmin this morning! The Satellite didnt take for-ev-er to load so I was excited. Pus is been a little while since i've gone for a ran so I wasnt looking to do amazing our outstanding but I felt good afterwards

Results of Run #25
Distance: 1.00 mile
Time: 9:43

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cycle #3

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live" - Mark Twain

Had a wonderful late afternoon ride with Brett tonight at his parents. I was laying out and fell asleep because I was woken up by Brett saying "Lets go for a bike ride". He used his mom's bike so that was quite the experience since its kinda like a mountain/beach cruiser hybrid type bike and not a road bike like mine.

Around his parents neighborhood is a 1.4 mile loop. We started out doing that then left and went around the neighborhood next door and then headed back to his parents and completed another 2 loops to hit 10 miles.

Favorite quote of the ride was when Brett said "for ever 1 time you pedal I have to pedal 3 times". hahah - I think we'll start the search of getting him a bike.

I definately can tell a difference in my energy level since its been a week since surgery. We didnt 'kill' it tonight but I'm kinda glad we didnt b/c when we got back I felt like I was going to black out. Its probably because i'm still only eating soft foods (yogurt,apple sauce,carnation instant breakfast, scrambled eggs) and not 'real' meals so food intake isn't like it should be so the fuel engine is at most 1/2 full.

Results of Ride #3
Distance: 10.34 miles
Time: 46:43 mins
Pace: 13.3 mph avg

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August Summary

48.58 Miles in August!! WhooHooo!

I love DailyMile - its an awesome website. So easy to use and keep track.

Here's a little breakout
Swimming - 2.75 miles
Biking - 29.34 miles
Running - 10.09 miles
Walking - 3.9 miles
Elliptical - 2.5 miles

Here's to September being just as great!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

And I have to take a Time out.....

Yes - I know - that picture is a tad bit scary. What does it mean? Its the reason why I have to take a time out (per dr.'s orders).

Yesterday I had Oral Surgery - to be more specific without turning stomachs, I had to have a gum graft (where they took skin from the roof of my mouth and transplanted it over my gums on 2 lower front teeth). Yes it is as fun as it sounds. I was knocked out for about an hour, received a plastic retainer (which was molded from my mouth at a previous appointment) as a parting gift and then was sent home to 'recover'.

Pain isnt horrible - wearing this retainer sucks, i have to 24/7 to cover the incision site on the roof of my mouth so eating isnt quite fun. Its much easier to drink than to eat when I have to chew so a lot of yesterday consisted of Milk Shakes, yummy yummy steak n shake milk shakes.
Today though is going to be smoothies, I've sent Brett out to get ingredients (sherbet, frozen yogurt, fruit) to attempt to re-create some Planet Smoothie, Smoothies. So if you know of any good recipes out there for smoothies (no banana - i hate banana) post me a comment :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Run #24

"Desire is the most important factor in the success of any athlete" - Willie Shoemaker

After getting home from spin class, Brett and I headed out and went out for a run. He was going to go on more of an 'adventure' run so I let him use my Garmin since I was going to do the usual Lake Eola square loop and then see what else happens.

I finished the 1.35 miles, felt good so I kept running the same path - b/c I didnt have my garmin I tried to estimate where the 2 mile mark would be but I ended up being short according to map my run.

My calves though after finishing and walking back - holy burn - like this really hurt, they started to feel tight -going down into my achilles - like wow - anyone have anything similar?

Results of Run #24
Distance: 1.88 miles
Time: 18:16
Avg pace: 9:42 / mile

Spinning Mondays #5

Its the Birthday Spin Class!!! Ok so tomorrow is my birthday and because the group doesnt do spin together on Tuesdays - tonight was the celebration.

Alex made an awesome mix of songs for class tonight and MaryKay brought a balloon so I could have it on my bike and Jourdan (though couldnt make it) sent 'Glory' cookies via Alex - SO wrong! (side note : Glory cookies are chocolate chip cookies from Costco which are amazing)

Tonight was so much fun - thanks to my awesome friends for making such a great evening!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Run #23

"Just do the best with what you have and you'll soon be doing it better" - Gil Hodges

Wow - what a huge difference in running at 630 rather than almost 8pm. It was H-O-T!!
Was planning on the lake eola loop like normal and see what was going to happen from there but it was way too hot. So I did the loop, then just had to stop because I found it 1 I was running pretty quick and then with the heat it just took it out of me. So I stopped the timer and then caught my breath and gave myself a few mins before running/walking some more while my husband finished his run.

Results of Run #23
Distance: 1.21 miles
Time: 11:08
Avg pace: 9:14 / mile
M1 - 9:19
M2 (.21) 8:51 pace

Results of Run #23 part 2 (Run/Walking)
Distance: .81 miles
Time: 9:02
Avg pace: 11:13 / mile

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cycle #2

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride" - John F. Kennedy

Again another later ride than usual. Started at 10am and the silly Garmin while locating satellite died. SO no such luck on knowing distance or time. Luckily before I left I checked the clock so I could check it when I got back and at least knew time and then with the help of I could get distance.

Note: Map my run isnt fun if you make numerous loops - or go down and back the same road more than once.

Results of Cycle #2
Distance: 9.6 miles
Time: 33 minutes
Pace: 17.5 mph avg

Road ID

I got my Road ID in the mail! Never heard of it? Go to their website and check it out. its a great product that could save your life one day.
I got the fabulous pink and I Love it!! OH and when I ordered they gave me a coupon code I could pass along to my friends and its good for $1 off.
Coupon Number: ThanksHollie823390

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swimming #3

"To swim or not to swim? there is no question" - Author Unknown

End of another work day - had my bag packed to go swimming after work and though it wasnt going to be long, I was kind of dreading to go. Once I got to the pool though I was glad I went. I had to be somewhere at 6 so I only got in about 25 mins of real swimming

500 yd warm up
short rest/water break
500 yd swim (free style)
150 yd kick cool down

Monday, August 16, 2010

Run #22

"Even if you fall flat on your face at least you are moving forward" - Sue Luke

So went to spin class and got home and really wanted to throw in the towel. Legs were not feeling a run but 'the boss' decided we were going.

The usual square around lake eola was the goal (thanks to map my run and a little cut and paste I'm finally adding a visual)
Results of Run #22
Distance: 1.33 miles (according to the Garmin)
Time: 13:09
Avg Pace: 9:53 / mile
M1: 9:46

Spinning Mondays #4

Ok so this segment is kinda dull. Mondays are always the same, leave work - head to gym - change - 30ish minutes of doing weights - quick warm up on the elliptical then 6pm to 7pm spin class.

Class was great tonight - lots of hill work so legs were a little jello afterwards and were begging to go home and relax - I can tell you that didnt happen.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cycle #1

"The Bicycle is a curiuos vehicle. Its passenger is its engine." - John Howard

Well this is weird to write Cycle #1 - In July I started back up riding and did a 10 mile, a 24 mile and a 20 mile ride but because I wasn't blogging or updating daily mile they cant really count in blogger land can they? ::sigh::

Last night Brett and I went to my in-laws who live 18 miles away (its like our Hampton get away since we live downtown in the city and they are more in the country in a neighborhood where each house is on a minimum 2 acre lot).

Well last night our dog Kady decided at 230 she needed to go out, well she woke me up so I woke Brett up to take her, well she was in a weird mood and wouldnt potty so at 330 am brett finally came back to bed - so needless to say my goal of getting up 'early' to go ride was delayed since we didnt get up until 930. I changed, got the bike ready and went out at about 10am. Umm yah, there is a reason why its best to get up early and run/cycle because its so gosh darn hot.
I'm glad I went but at the same time, I dont really enjoy going alone so I dont venture too far, Just a warm up lap around the neighborhood, leave the neighborhood (and wait for the gate to creep open UGH!) and go into the neighborhood next door and ride since to ride on the main road has the bike lane give out and people are a little speedy.

Results of Cycle #1
Distance: 8.61 miles
Time: 34:09
Pace: 15.12 mph avg

Friday, August 13, 2010

Giveaway Post

I'm not giving anything away but who can pass up a pair of free socks?
A friend of mine through her blog is obtained socks to give away and from the looks of them and her review sound amazing! What I dont get is they dont sell in Florida (BOOO!) who does that? We have almost the best weather on Earth so why not sell here 365 days of the year?

Anyways -
go there and its her Bday post today if youre interested :)

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swimming #2

"Seven days of no swimming makes one weak" - Author Unknown

I've been slacking some on my swimming so today after work to the pool I went. I was hesistant to go because after work its like I'd much rather go home and do nothing but once I got in the pool I almost didnt want to go.

I was a little sore after yesterday's gym class and run so I wasnt sure how I'd really feel but being in the pool was great.

500yd warm up
short water break
500 yd swim
150 yd kick cool down

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Run #21

"You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through" - Rosalynn Carter

Tonight I went to the gym for Core which focuses on maintaining a strong core while we do 3 minutes of strength and 3 minutes of endurance work with heavy and light weights to your choosing. OOh wait backup, prior to class got on the elliptical and did about 28 mins on an interval program and went 2.0 miles. So Core- awesome class, 45 mins long then 15 mins of straight ab work after. I <3 it. Came home, started drinking some chocolate milk (read somewhere chocolate milk after running or workouts is good for you so I'm trying it). B/c i was in workout gear and gross I figured might as well go for a run around the lake again.

Oh boy was it hot outside. While i was at the gym it poured outside so at approx 730 when i went to run it was nice and sticky and hot. Plan was to go around the lake square which is 1.35 and see if I can maintain what I did on monday. Completed the 1.35 and felt pretty good so i kept going and hit 1.5- whoot whoot Im happy.

Results of Run #21
Distance: 1.50 miles
Time: 14:30
Pace: 9:40/mile

*need to really get the garmin charged so i can update my splits - hopefully this weekend as i need to find the charger (oops)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Run #20

"It hurts up to a point and then it doesnt get any worse." - Ann Trason

After spin class Brett anted to go for a run so out to lake eola we went. I figured lets give it a try, havent ran after spin class in a while and I didnt get up this morning so a run was overdue.

Its nice running at night because its not 8 billion degrees outside so the square around lake eola was the distance tonight and I did it and was proud of myself.

Results of Run #20
Distance: 1.35 miles
Time: 12:51
Avg Pace: 9:31 / mile

Spinning Mondays #3

Birthday Spin Class!!!

Tonight as Jourdans birthday so tonight at spin was the birthday celebration. Great music with great company. Then after class, we had cupcakes. Yes totally defeates the purpose of working out but it was so good.

So again like always 6-7pm spin class. had a great time and a great workout.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Swimming # 1

Seventy-Five percent of our planet is water - can you swim? - Author Unknown

Tonight these soles got wet. To the pool I went and I loved every moment. I've been swimming for I dont know how long. I swam in high school and was a lifeguard so I <3 H2O. I cant describe it. Just something about me and the water and just the calmness of swimming i love.

So the last time I was in the pool was hmm maybe at the beginning of the year? Yes its been that long that I cant remember - sorry. So tonight I told the pool I was sorry and it paid me back by being a tad bit chilly (but it was worth it)

So tonight
500 yard freestyle warm up
250 yard kick
250 yard pull
300 yard freestyle finish (not really a cool down because i'm not taking it easy)

1300 yard total :) I was in the pool for about 40 mins - what takes time is kicking and pulling since youre going somewhat slower. I hope to keep this up and get faster and go further :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Spinning Mondays #2

Ok so you might be thinking where is the 1st post for Spinning Mondays. Well its wayyy back in October 2009. I figure if I want to keep this up, lets document everything (well almost everything).

Monday, Gym 6pm Spin Class <3 <3 <3. Yes its the best. Love the class, love the challenge, love the instructor, love my friends that go with me.

Monday class is popular- to get a # for class you basically have to be at the gym between 5 & 520pm at the latest or you can forget it. So I'm there at 5 on the dot to get my golden ticket. So what do I do between 5 & 6. Some of teh time is spent chit chatting with friends but I've started doing some weight machines and trying to get in 2 sets of a 9 machine circuit. (if I get desperate I'll post more info but for right now this is all youre getting). It can vary though - If I am good and get my 2 sets in, sometimes i'll do a 3rd or sometimes I'll go and walk on the treadmill or do the stairclimber before class. :)

Run # 19

"Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and feet. It's also good for the ground. It makes it feel needed." - Charles Schultz

So 7am, alarm goes off. Snooze button is pressed. 7:15 alarm goes off - repeat pressing Snooze Button. 7:20 really open eyes and decide I'll get up now and go for a run.
Nothing fancy, just a 'quick' mileish run around lake eola.

In the morning because I'm 1/2 asleep still all I grab is my iPod. I really need to take the Garmin to measure distance - it just takes the darn thing forever to find a satellite.

So get down to the lake - and I think i'm 'jogging' because I'm not dying as I would be on a run. I complete the loop and decide to keep running up to the next intersection. This whole process lasts 3 songs with Britney's "Break the Ice" as my starting song (since I feel i'm breaking the ice on the run since its been a while). Well wow the 3 songs I listened to, total 9:45 - guess i didnt really jog like I thought and I guess I really need to take the garmin to know how far I'm really going. If its 1 mile - not too shabby - if its 1.1 then wow looks like i can say i'm improving.

Results of Run # 19
Distance: 1.0 or maybe 1.1 miles
Time: 9:45


Wow its been a while - and yes I do this a lot (drop off the face of the earth and then try to come back with a vengence).

I know its really August 2nd but close enough to start over again.

August shall be a good month (Or at least I hope). I havent done a whole lot when it comes to racing - just havent had the bug and with all the chaos this year (in-laws moving, brett surgery, me surgery, brothers wedding etc) I want to finish out 2010 as my training year and have 2011 as my race year.

So here we go...again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Run # 18

Run like hell and get the agony over with - Clarence DeMar

I definately felt the agony at the end of my run tonight. Lately I've been running what Brett and I call the 'small square'. This 'small square' is a 1.2 mile loop around Lake Eola and is the square when you follow the roads and not the walking/running path around the lake.

Lately because Brett is injured, I just go run by myself and we've noticed when I take the garmin and run on my own I do a lot better than with him (why is still yet to be determined).

So tonight, home from work, grab the iPod and off I go to run my 'small square'. Still no garmin because, well I dont feel like wearing it and watching it every 30 seconds. So Instead I run my square and just let the iPod run and when I get back i total up the time of the songs to get my total time. Tonight though I decided I was going to go a little bit further than last time (aka push myself which it the hardest thing for me) so instead of stopping at the traffic light where I start I kept going and finished at the next traffic light up where my building is. Its not a lot but right now I'm really glad I did it so next time I can say know what you can go farther :)

Results of Run # 18
Distance: 1.35 (courtesy of
Time: 12:18
Avg Pace: 9:06 / mile

after seeing this avg pace -looks like i need to bring the garmin again so I can get results for M1, and eventually M2.

May Update

::Hangs head in shame::

Its been a while I know. I have been running/working out. Have I been consistent? No
Could I be doing better? Yes.

I see a huge pattern here dont worry I see it.

So here we go again

Take 3!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Run #17

Running is real, and relatively simple...but it ain't easy - Mark Will-Weber

So I have been running here and there, I just havent been trying as hard as I could and I havent been consistent. I get into these ruts where I want to just be lazy, eat un-healthy, and do whatever I want after work.
So this past weekend I figured lets start blogging again - stick with it - triathlons are coming up and I have to get ready so here's my Take 3 (maybe take 4 or 5 - I just dont want to count)
So Sunday, Brett and I were bad, we skipped Church so I decided at 12 or 12:30 I was going for a run. It felt so good - it was hot but there was a slight breeze so it helped. Now I didnt take my Garmin (didnt feel like it)

Results of Run #17
Distance: 1.25 (Estimated)
Time: 11:42
Avg Pace: 9:21 / mile

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Run # 16

"Life is short...running makes it seem longer." - Baron Hansen

Today felt like the longest ever. Brett and I are at his parents and I just felt so gross that I decided I'm going to go for a run. I like changing things up, especially over here its not downtown running, its an older neighborhood with all kinds of streets so there are so many different ways to choose from. So after waiting forever for the Garmin to find a satellite, off I went and boy was it cold and windy. Ok it wasnt super super cold because the sun was out but man the wind was so strong and of course it had to be coming straight at me, instead of helping me out and being behind me.

The garmin though will be the death of me. All I seem to do is check it to see how far I've been because in my mind I feel like i've already ran 40 miles and the thing hasn't buzzed to signify I've been 1 mile (I really need to turn off the buzzer). hahha - I finished though and wow not too bad. I just really need to move on and get into a 2 mile routine.

Results of Run # 16
Distance: 1.11 miles
Time: 10:21
Avg Pace: 9:18 / mile
M1 - 9:20

Run #15

"Running is like mouthwash; if you can feel the burn, its working." - Brian Tackett

I definately felt the burn today. Before going out for a run, I went to the gym and decided to do some swimming before hand and then go for a quick run since I had to go get Brett from work and then meet up with some friends for dinner. So I swam for about 30 mins (usual 500 yd warm up, 250 kick, 100yd sprint to finish), changed at the gym into running clothes got home and off I went for a run. Wasnt too sure how it would be after swimming but I was actually impressed with my time/distance.

Results of Run #15
Distance: 1.20 miles
Time: 11:50
Avg Pace: 9:49/mile
M1 - 9:58

Monday, February 22, 2010


So my last update hasnt really gone according to plan. The whole 10K in March is inches away and yeah read the last 2 posts - 1.2ish miles?? LOL a 10K is not in my near future.

So here's a slight alteration to my 2010 Resolutions

Short term (Now until April)

1. IOA 5K in April - get ready for that and break 30:00!

Mid Term (April - July)
2. improve runs - use the 5k time as a benchmark
3. Top Gun Triathlon in July - improve my running time from last year
4. Try to find a 10K race in town or close by


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Run #14

"Tomorrow is another day, and there will be another battle!"--Sebastian Coe

Run #14
Date: 2/21/10

Running is my biggest battle ! Today was a beautiful day in Orlando, so time for a run. The normal path had a road closed due to a festival so I had to take a different path which worked out fairly well. Ran by myself as Brett wanted to run on his own (aka Faster). Mentally I did fine, physically I was worn out and just couldnt finish the entire path I wanted to. I wish I didnt take the 3 or so months off from running like I did so I have quite a few battles infront of me to not only get to where I was but to also improve my stamina, time, and distance.

Results of Run #14
Distance: 1.20 miles
Time: 11:53
Avg Pace: 9:52/mile
M1 - 9:55

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Run #13

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people" - Bill Bowerman

Run #13
Date: 2/18/10

Todays weather wasnt bad, just COLD! Brr! I think it was in the 50's when Brett and I went out to run. The worst part to me is when you finish and your ears KILL/ Sting.

Its been a while since I've ran, so this run was a little rough - I told Brett I was done, it hurt, I wanted to quit but I was glad he was there because he encouraged me I could do it and finish and I did - I just dont think i'll be going out by choice in cold cold weather.

Results of Run #13
Distance: 1.23 miles
Time: 12:06
Avg Pace: 9:50 / mile

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Run #12

So the new year didnt start out like I wanted it to - so now I'm a little behind.

February started my 'new year' so let the running begin

Run #12
Date: 2-2-10

A little chillly out - got home from work, changed, and to my surprise Brett said he was going with me. Now its been a while - a long while - so completing 1 mile was the only thing on my mind. Started out a little slow, picked it up and wow half way around the lake, I wanted to quit, i wanted to walk - it hurt, my legs were confused, my lungs stung because of the cooler air but Ugh not at a mile so nope cant stop.

Get closer to the 'finish' and my Garmin hasnt bussed to let me know i've hit a mile. but when i looked down I had ran for about 8:30 so far so I had to run further than my intended finish line to hit a mile and was so happy with myself to actually complete it.

Results of Run #12
Distance: 1.00 miles
Time: 9:45

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year



2010 will be my year!

1. Blog my running journey which means I'm running more.
2. Run/train for the 10K in March
3. Run/train for the IOA 5K in April (i'm hoping by doing the 10K in march i'll see time improvements in April)
4. Improve on my triathlons (definately will be signing up for Top Gun in St. Pete and Downtown Orlando Tri in Sept - just have to find 1 more)
5. 1/2 marathon in December or January....I want to get to June and make my decision then.


Now here's to some running - starting back up tomorrow !