Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Run # 18

Run like hell and get the agony over with - Clarence DeMar

I definately felt the agony at the end of my run tonight. Lately I've been running what Brett and I call the 'small square'. This 'small square' is a 1.2 mile loop around Lake Eola and is the square when you follow the roads and not the walking/running path around the lake.

Lately because Brett is injured, I just go run by myself and we've noticed when I take the garmin and run on my own I do a lot better than with him (why is still yet to be determined).

So tonight, home from work, grab the iPod and off I go to run my 'small square'. Still no garmin because, well I dont feel like wearing it and watching it every 30 seconds. So Instead I run my square and just let the iPod run and when I get back i total up the time of the songs to get my total time. Tonight though I decided I was going to go a little bit further than last time (aka push myself which it the hardest thing for me) so instead of stopping at the traffic light where I start I kept going and finished at the next traffic light up where my building is. Its not a lot but right now I'm really glad I did it so next time I can say know what you can go farther :)

Results of Run # 18
Distance: 1.35 (courtesy of Mapmyrun.com)
Time: 12:18
Avg Pace: 9:06 / mile

after seeing this avg pace -looks like i need to bring the garmin again so I can get results for M1, and eventually M2.

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