Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh dang

Though I'm notorious for learning about things last - I've known about the heat but havent paid real close attention to the rest of the world. Holy moly people - its been hot and not just in Florida and like oh dang real hot.

I attempted to run the other day to 'start' my half marathon training. So I waited until it was 'later' uhh yah stilllllll way too hot out. Not cool. I really dont want to run 'real late' when its dark out, so Please God turn off the heat at night I dont want to die of heat stroke when I run.

With the job hunt this cartoon was exactly how I felt.  The job market hasnt been ideal lately and I have a decent job its just not what I want out of my career.  Well the other day I posted about an interview and well I heard back and................

YAYA I am so happy! I start in 2 weeks and cant wait.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hello World

Please accept my apology as I have not posted in oh hmm over a week. I have been running, I have been studying and I've been working. Aka Life has been busy.

Lets give you the update

So Everyone knows I'm studying to become a CPA. Well, in my current position, upon gaining this designation it wouldnt do a whole lot for me. So I've been interviewing - well passing out my resume and getting a few bites here and there. WELL today - I went in for an interview, and it sounds promising and having my CPA there would be very beneficial in the future.

So I spend a lot of my time studying lately neglecting almost anything else in my life.

Now - here comes the debbie downer part of the post

I'm going to have to continue to slack on my posting while I study to get this CPA done. I'm trying to come up with ways to stay active on this blog (aka write posts at work during my downtime) and then copy and paste...... I of course will post about huge milestones I accomplish with my running because that was the whole reason behind starting this blog.

Hope everyone is doing well. *Fingers Crossed* this new job works out. I'll let you know soon.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Love that its already Thursday, with having the holiday on Monday almost everyone I know thinks tomorrow is thursday but its actually time for Friday!!

2. I'm in a slump with exercise - I still cant believe I pulled out a 5 mile run over the weekend, so you'd think I'd be all about running this week but I havent gone out :(   2 days the weather sucked and 1 was a holiday so yah no excuse for the other 2 days.......maybe a morning run tomorrow?

3. CPA Exam studying is back in action. I started earlier than I planned thinking I'd be ahead.....well I was until umm yesterday. Now Im right on track with my original plan. Kinda blah feeling, but could be worse I could be behind.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone has a Great 4th of July.

Its a gorgeous day today, so we spent a large majority out here

Nothin ever changes.....well for me, once a pool kid always a pool kid

Kady, isnt a pool dog but loves the hose and laying out

Time to eat.  :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Run # 68

"Man imposes his own limitations, don't set any" - Anthony Bailey

So I've been a little MIA lately. Let me give a recap of last week before getting into results of my run tonight.

Ok so last week - husband had to work over the weekend so it ruined our regular routine, plus it did a lot of this

So, me and my BFF went and shopped and saw this

It was funny, entertaining, a good movie to see when the weather is blah. It has some great parts and it has Justin Timberlake in it. I love him in movies but come on JT new cd / tour please!

So after movies and shopping, I went here for the 1st time.... the Laundromat

So what usually happens on the weekend is me and B go to his parents, hang out, and also do our laundry there. We do have a washer/dryer BUT its a combo unit. ITS HORRIBLE! It sounds great- put your laundry in, and once it washes it starts to dry. What you find out afterwards is that its tiny so your loads have to be small and to do 1 load takes around  3 hours. So I decided to go to the laudromat near by and it wasnt a bad experience and I kinda LOVED the fact that you can use a super huge washer then dryer and get it all done at once. LOL

Ok so now onto Run # 68.

So this weekend we are in our hometown, visiting his parents.

Some fun facts about Apopka include
  • Apopka is an indian word meaning "Potato eating place" (and I hate potatos)
  • Apopka is the Indoor foliage capital of the world
  • The mayor, John Land, is the longest serving mayor in the state & USA
So today, I mowed the yard, layed out by the pool, studied, took a nap by the pool and then decided to go for a run. Brett suggested a 5 mile run and that he'd go with me. I instantly dreaded running with him. I suggested he give me a head start and I'd attempt it. So off we went, well I went without music, left the neighbor hood and hit the 2.25 mile mark before turning around.

It was a pretty straight run - being in Apopka, there are more 'hills' than in downtown orlando so that was tough. I decided to be 'crazy' and just wear shorts and a sports bra and I had lots of honks. I do not like people honking at me, so I learned that I need to wear a shirt. Though with it being hot, it was nice not fighting with a shirt. Sorry peeps no pics.

Mentally this was tough - I wanted to hit 2.5 before turning around but I couldnt do it. So on the way back I'd run into some neighbordhoods down a few driveways then back up which helped because it felt like I was accomplishing something.

So when we got home, and getting showers, I felt it. A stinging pain and through confirmation Brett says I chaffed. OMG. NEVER had this before. Not cool. Like the back of my armpits. Seriously - how do I chafe my armpits??? Guess I'll be investing in some body glide soon.

Tell me - have you had chafing when you run? Any remedies to make it STOP hurting?

So here it is...another distance Personal Record, so I had to post my PR badge for the celebration
Results of Run #68
Distance: 5.04 miles
Time: 51:48
Pace: 10:16 / mile
M1 - 10:13
M2 - 10:03
M3 - 10:29
M4 - 10:34
M5 - 10:05
M6 - 8:40 pace (.04 mile)