Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giveaway Time

Skinny Runner is at it again....shes giving away BIC bands..... I so hope I win one because I'm dying to try one out but Im a tad cheap to buy myself one....

I need a...

Vacation from my vacation, but that would mean I'd need this week off since another Vacation starts soon.....

For Thanksgiving, Brett and I traveled to my parents house in Ohio to see the family. We like to take our 4 legged child and since she's never flown, we drive. We are a tad bit crazy and drove overnight after work for 16 hours. Not sure how we do it but we get it done.

Loved seeing the family - Love being up north where the weather feels like the holiday. Ok Ok I really just like to wear my sweaters.
I'm very fortunate to have my aunt and uncle live next door to my parents. Each house is on 5+ acres of land so my uncle (who acts like hes 14) comes over on the 4 wheeler. Which worked out because when Uncle #2 arrived, he realized he left some adult beverages at home so the cousin and I were sent to retreive it.

The day after Turkey Day, Brett and I helped my mom set up the Christmas Tree and Garland on the banister. I love where she puts her tree, its such a fun spot.

With the nephews being over, we thought it would be a great idea to take their pictures infront of the Tree... yah not as easy as it seemed. Trying to get three boys (ages 5, 23 months, 11 months) to sit still isnt all cake and ice cream.

Take 1 - Anthony must have done                            Take 2 - Almost there except Anthony'ssomething interesting                                  Anthony again. LOL

Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving.... I know we did. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Run # 72

"But here's the thing, just by lacing up your shoes and putting one foot in front of the other you are declaring to the world that you are a runner. " - Amanda from 'Run to the Finish'

Hey Hey! Yep the celebration badge is back.  I set a Personal Distance Record tonight. What you ask? Because you're on the edge of your seat, I'll tell you. I ran 7 miles tonight!!

I definately wasnt planning on running that far but it happened. I am in shock! I am super proud of myself. As my husband said when i got back 'I didnt know you had that in the tank tonight'.

During my run tonight I was thinking alot about running and running with people, most specifically my husband. We occassionally run together but for the most part I hate running with him. I cant do it. Ok take that back - I CAN do it, I just dont like doing it. Why? I dont feel like its my run when I run with him. I feel like I'm having to run his run and do what he wants. Its weird - when we do run together I feel like we are running 5 min miles and that I'm about to die. I'll slow down so I follow him and then he likes to play the slow down speed up game with me and I dont even know we are doing it. SO I think thats part of the reason why Im not a fan of running with him.

So after thinking about this tonight, I get back and start reading Amanda's blog and she had some great stuff about running tonight that I have to share.

Running isn't about speed

Running isn't about PR's

Running isn't about how far you go

Running is a process and one that you should definitely enjoy by allowing yourself to go on a journey. You don't have to run 3 miles on day one, you just have to put one foot in front of the other and then do it again tomorrow.

I LOVE how right she is. I also want to add that Running isnt easy, but DONT get easily discouraged if you cant run a mile or you cant run 6 in under an hour. To get better you have to sick with it. Just read back at some of my older posts - I spent forever in the under 3 mile range because mentally I couldnt do it. Yes I wanted to throw in the towel, and I'd take days off because I wouldnt want to run but overall I never really quit and I can say here today that I ran 7 miles!

Am I fast? No I dont think so - but to someone else I am. Dont judge your capabilities against someone else.  Its extremely hard not to - and I'll be the 1st to admit that I would do it a lot but now I've 'seen the light' and running is my own race and I can only compare myself to me.

Results of Run #72
Distance: 7.0 miles
Time: 1:10:07
Pace: 10:00 / mile
M1- 10:23
M2 - 10:00
M3 - 10:13
M4 - 10:01
M5 - 9:55
M6 - 10:05
M7 - 9:25

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I woke up this morning and was 100% convinced it was only Wednesday. Yep its been one of those weeks already. I was corrected by Brett leaving the house, didnt believe him, checked the calendar and yep its Thursday. Good thing I found out because Thursday = Greys Anatomy. :)

2. I had a great run tonight - though my right food started to hurt like near my pinky toe. I've been needing to get a pedicure (or just do it myself) but I was hopeful that I'd go and pamper myself soon but that hasnt happened (especially when I figured out it was later in the week than I thought). WELLLLLLL I get home, take off the shoes and I have bloody sock. woah - what?? yep! where my pinky toe is - my long toe-nail dug into my neighboring toe and caused a sore that bled. sweet. Sike!

3. This weekend I'll be going here
my best friend got us free tickets and we havent been in forever together. We cant wait to go on the new Harry Potter ride and see the new Harry Potter area. I'll have to post next week a review. :)

Run # 71

"On days you don't want to run or think you will have a bad run, go run! You will surprise yourself." - Me

Yep - celebration time again.... bust out those dancin' shoes

I set another PR tonight running 4 miles. Amazing. Well I find it amazing, you dont have to if you dont want to but trust me this is some serious stuff over here. I've been sick and didnt run for a week, had to work a ton and set out tonight wanting to run 4 miles. I have a 2 mile loop that I do and told myself that I had to run the loop 2ce. No questions, no stopping, no quitting. I really felt like I was running in slow motion tonight. Thankfully my ipod was working (these past runs its not been charged) but every song that came on seemed to be a slower song, which had m thinking,

when you run - what do you listen to?
do you have slower songs on your play list? do you think they make you run slower?

I listen to just about anything - Blink 182, Lil wayne, JayZ, Linkin Park, Eve 6, Jack Johnson.
Right now my favorite running song(s) are
Think Twice by Eve 6 and Who Gon Stop me and Ni**as in Paris by Kanye & JayZ
Yep total different sides of the music spectrum. <3 it.

Results of Run #71
Distance: 4.05
Time: 39:57
Pace: 9:51 / mile
M1 - 9:59
M2 - 10:13
M3- 10:00
M4 - 9:23
M5 - 7:05 (.05)

4 mile time only = 39:38  previous 40:06