Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Run # 72

"But here's the thing, just by lacing up your shoes and putting one foot in front of the other you are declaring to the world that you are a runner. " - Amanda from 'Run to the Finish'

Hey Hey! Yep the celebration badge is back.  I set a Personal Distance Record tonight. What you ask? Because you're on the edge of your seat, I'll tell you. I ran 7 miles tonight!!

I definately wasnt planning on running that far but it happened. I am in shock! I am super proud of myself. As my husband said when i got back 'I didnt know you had that in the tank tonight'.

During my run tonight I was thinking alot about running and running with people, most specifically my husband. We occassionally run together but for the most part I hate running with him. I cant do it. Ok take that back - I CAN do it, I just dont like doing it. Why? I dont feel like its my run when I run with him. I feel like I'm having to run his run and do what he wants. Its weird - when we do run together I feel like we are running 5 min miles and that I'm about to die. I'll slow down so I follow him and then he likes to play the slow down speed up game with me and I dont even know we are doing it. SO I think thats part of the reason why Im not a fan of running with him.

So after thinking about this tonight, I get back and start reading Amanda's blog and she had some great stuff about running tonight that I have to share.

Running isn't about speed

Running isn't about PR's

Running isn't about how far you go

Running is a process and one that you should definitely enjoy by allowing yourself to go on a journey. You don't have to run 3 miles on day one, you just have to put one foot in front of the other and then do it again tomorrow.

I LOVE how right she is. I also want to add that Running isnt easy, but DONT get easily discouraged if you cant run a mile or you cant run 6 in under an hour. To get better you have to sick with it. Just read back at some of my older posts - I spent forever in the under 3 mile range because mentally I couldnt do it. Yes I wanted to throw in the towel, and I'd take days off because I wouldnt want to run but overall I never really quit and I can say here today that I ran 7 miles!

Am I fast? No I dont think so - but to someone else I am. Dont judge your capabilities against someone else.  Its extremely hard not to - and I'll be the 1st to admit that I would do it a lot but now I've 'seen the light' and running is my own race and I can only compare myself to me.

Results of Run #72
Distance: 7.0 miles
Time: 1:10:07
Pace: 10:00 / mile
M1- 10:23
M2 - 10:00
M3 - 10:13
M4 - 10:01
M5 - 9:55
M6 - 10:05
M7 - 9:25


  1. I completely agree, when I first started running, I concentrated mostly on my speed and getting faster and would get mad if I didn't make my goal of speed/time. But then I realized that I need to run a good run and feel good about it instead of trying to push myself to a place I'm not physically able to go.
    You can't enjoy running if you are stressing out about it! lol

  2. new follower! great job on your new PDR!!