Thursday, November 3, 2011

Run # 71

"On days you don't want to run or think you will have a bad run, go run! You will surprise yourself." - Me

Yep - celebration time again.... bust out those dancin' shoes

I set another PR tonight running 4 miles. Amazing. Well I find it amazing, you dont have to if you dont want to but trust me this is some serious stuff over here. I've been sick and didnt run for a week, had to work a ton and set out tonight wanting to run 4 miles. I have a 2 mile loop that I do and told myself that I had to run the loop 2ce. No questions, no stopping, no quitting. I really felt like I was running in slow motion tonight. Thankfully my ipod was working (these past runs its not been charged) but every song that came on seemed to be a slower song, which had m thinking,

when you run - what do you listen to?
do you have slower songs on your play list? do you think they make you run slower?

I listen to just about anything - Blink 182, Lil wayne, JayZ, Linkin Park, Eve 6, Jack Johnson.
Right now my favorite running song(s) are
Think Twice by Eve 6 and Who Gon Stop me and Ni**as in Paris by Kanye & JayZ
Yep total different sides of the music spectrum. <3 it.

Results of Run #71
Distance: 4.05
Time: 39:57
Pace: 9:51 / mile
M1 - 9:59
M2 - 10:13
M3- 10:00
M4 - 9:23
M5 - 7:05 (.05)

4 mile time only = 39:38  previous 40:06

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  1. I have to have all upbeat music when I run, so I can get my jam on!
    Good job on your run!