About Me

                                  Hi - Hello! Welcome!!

My name is Hollie - I unfortunately am now in my late twenties, Ugh!! Getting older isnt as much fun as it sounded in the beginning. I live the the sunny state of Florida (Hello Tourists!). I've lived here my entire life and love it. Yes, a Florida Native - I should have an award for just that alone. I am happily married to Brett, my best friend/other half, (2010 = 10 years together!) We have no human children, but our Doberman Kady is treated so much like a human that she is our 'child'.

I have a love hate relationship with running, while Brett seems to enjoy running more than me.  Anyways, so here I am (10 years in the making!) Running is very mental and is my weakness, so one day I want to accomplish more than a 5K race, when that will be, only time will tell.

I started in 2008 doing triathlons and I Love it! The run is the killer so I figured I'd start a blog to not only write/post about my good and bad days but to also have a reason to work out. Along the way I've fallen off the face of the Earth when it comes to blogging but I'm trying to stick with it. Because I'm trying to get better at all aspects of a Triathlon, I've recently started posting more about my other workouts (so if my soles of my feet did something that day I try to post the results) and here and there I'm trying to add more fun stuff too so bear with me as I get better at blogging too! :)

- Hollie