Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend - Part 2

We arrived at Epcot and parked the car at 3:50am, (traffic was congested but not horrible). Because it was cold out we stuck it out in the car until 4:15 to head to bag drop to leave a much too big of bag for one small pair of keys.

In the bag drop tent (Where it was much warmer) i told Brett to stay put as I was going to brave the cold to stand in line for a porta-potty. Yah about 20 mins later I finally get to one and then it was head for the start line.... well when they tell you it takes 20 mins to get from the bag area to the start, they really mean it. There were just sooo many people crammed into one area. Which wasnt bad because it was so freaking cold.

While we were closer to the corrals but not close enough we see the fireworks go off and everyone knew the race had officially started.....I started to get nervous thinking we wouldnt make it to the corral, but then we turned a corner and wouldnt ya know about 100 porta potties and all the corrals LoL.... after my 2nd stop and Brett's first we headed for Corral D and basically got into the back of the corrall and stood around for 2-4 mins before we started moving to the start line. Talk about perfect timing.

Race starts- Brett and I wish eachother luck, tell eachother to have fun, take it easy and see you at the finish.

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