Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skinny Runner t-shirts

With the way I post about her, you'd think we were BFF's - we're not I promise. Am I a blog stalker? Yes - yes indeed. hahah.

So get this - she came up with some running shirt ideas and had them made and are now for sale through her blog. 
::Happy dance:::

I have already placed my order and paid - I cant wait for this shirt to come in.
I find it hilarious. I was torn though between the one I bought and this one...

I have a horrible sweet tooth so this one is SO me!! I have told my dentist he's running out of teeth to fill or put crowns on. hahah. Seriously I sneeze and get a cavity or root canal. I go back next week to get my permanent crown (my 4th- i think! tee hee), I need to tell my favorite dentist that maybe we should start me with permanent dentures - yikes maybe not -want to see something scary google images that one...... Going to go brush and floss my teeth now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Run # 54

"The sense of accomplishment and self confidence comes in part from dreaming big and going after it" - Skinny Runner

So I've posted on here before about Skinny Runner's blog. Today she had a great post about 'Goal Big'. No its not a typo - Goal Big - "Make big time, audacious, bold goals. Too many times we as women make fail-safe goals… I’ll have an “A” goal but then a lesser goal in case I don’t make my first one and then not really a goal but I’ll call it that because I can’t dream that big…. No, Goal big. Put it out there. Believe in yourself. "

Motivating right?!!? I know I make a ton of fail-safe goals when it comes to running. Last night the Biggest Loser was on and Jillian said something that goes hand in hand with SR's Goal Big. Jillian was having her team run on the treadmills -  Jillian said they had been running sprints at 8-9-10 mph, now they just did 12 mph. Her quote of the night was "What else in your life are you doing half A$$ed?"

With all this great motivation around - it was time for round 2 (well really round 1 trillion but that can stay our secret). My Goal Big tonight was completing a 5K. I dont care if I walked, crawled, ran to finish, I was doing it. My biggest problem about running is not doing it all for me. I guess thats what you could call it. I worry too much about what others will think and that needs to stop. I have a problem with if I have to walk some then I didnt 'run' it. I know its 'A-OK' to walk run walk run but then I feel like I'd be a disappointment. Crazy I know. So tonight I'm turning over a new leaf - well attempting to - I'm going to try new things running, going further and if I have to walk I have to walk - and if i'm slown then heck I'm slow - you have to start somewhere and the only way to get better is to keep trying so here goes nothin'.

SO tonight - ran around Lake Eola - I varied where I went, I'd do some of the circle, then some of the square and while I was out, a rally started regarding the FL Light Speed / Sun Rail, whatever you want to call it.  These things always make for a great run as gobs of people blocking the sidewalk and the walking path around the lake make for lots of weaving in and out and through bushes. It was fun reading their signs. :)

After passing the rally - and hearing my garmin buzz I knew I had hit 3 miles - I sprinted the last .1 and once I was done - I was so happy - I felt so accomplished and looked up to the sky and said 'Thank you God for my legs, thank you for the ability to run and Dad I hope you were watching because that one was for you!'

Results of Run #54
Distance: 3.10 miles
Time: 30:22
Pace: 9:47 / mile
M1 - 9:52
M2 - 9:38
M3 - 10:05
M4 (.1) - 7:50 / pace

oh yes - my sweat face took an excited photo - one day I'll stop being ghetto with the mirror / camera picture taking. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Run # 53

Alright with the litle bit of backround in the previous post - its now time to talk about running.

Tonight was the 1st night in oh 2 weeks since I've ran outside. At my parents my mom got some treadmill thats tiny (and mostly used for walking). Being a florida girl, running outside with hills in 30-50 degree weather isnt really my cup of tea so treadmill time it is.  Well come to find out, this lovely treadmill only goes to 6 mph. Whatever- a run's a run right.

Not sure what it was up in Ohio on this treadmill but running 2 miles came easy. Granted it probably sounded like I was about to break the thing in half running but I think 2-3 times I ran on it, got a decent sweat on and then would call it quits.

So tonight - back in Otown - where its like 80 degrees. So I went to the lake and figured I'd knock out my 2 miles again. Wrong - totally wrong! my calves were on Fire. and my arches. OMG - I wanted to sit down and almost cry - cry because mentally I'm exhausted, cry because I've been doing 'good' with my running and now because of life's hurdles, I have a minor setback and cry because the pain felt like both my achillies and my calves were strings. I couldnt even stretch because it hurt that bad. After I finish writing this - foam roller time. We'll see if that works.

Tell me - have you experienced this? Is it treadmill vs outside running? could it be my form?

Results of Run #53
Distance: 1.60
Time: 15:33
Pace: 9:43 / mile

ooh and for some fun - saturday in Ohio in about 45 mins the yard when from this to this - so thankful I live in FL (sorry mom - I love you but Ohio = tooo cold!)

For more kicks - me and my 3 nephews -  <3 <3

Quick update

Hey everyone - in case you hadn't noticed I've been MIA. yep its true. I know I know , I mostly just talk to myself on this but I havent posted anything since February 4th (holy moly right!).

Because I write this blog for myself (and because I choose to make it public) I'm trying to say this in my way. Life has been difficult - granted its not always easy but the past two weeks of my life have not been fun.  Without this turning into a complete life story and not wanting to go into too much detail (because again public aspect and I want to stay internet safe) I got a call from my mom because she had to put my dad on Hospice.  Woah right - yah, thats just one small step into my world. So after that it was get a flight so I could be with my family and say my goodbye because we were told the 'it could be a few days to a week or two'.

I'm a born and raised Floridian - my mom and dad moved to my mom's hometown in Ohio so traveling up there in winter is oh so fun. This is what it looked like on February 11th. Dont mind the van, I somehow managed to get it stuck. Guess front wheel drive + icy driveway dont mix. Anywhoo, I spent the weekend until Sunday February 13th. Hardest weekend of my life because saying goodbye was really goodbye.

On Monday February 14th at 5pm - my father passed away. Yes Valentines day. The day of love and boy did my dad love his family and did we love him. My dad was 57. No my dad did not have cancer, no this was not a sudden death, 10 years ago he was in a bad car accident and as a result he had a traumatic brain injury. This injury was the cause of his death, we knew it would be, it would age him faster than normal - how fast? we didnt really know but last week while looking back at pictures its crazy to see the progression of when he came home from the hospital to days before his death. He looked so young, he was able to do so much more back then. Granted he was in a wheelchair but my mom (who quit work to become his full time caregiver) and him did so much (though not always easy) - from bowling to airboat rides, to going to the southernmost point,to waterskiing, to theraputic horseback riding they did a ton.

I am hanging in there- my faith is in God and my dad's was too, so I know hes in Heaven. I know he's healed now having the time of his life. I am still sad. I will miss him until I get to see him again. My mom's heart is broken (I can tell without her telling me)- her faith comforts her too - I know its really hard for since they had their routine, and now its all different. But my mom is the strongest person I know and I admire her in so many ways.

Now why am I putting this out there? I think deep down its a way for me to heal more. I think in a way I can stand on my soap box and tell anyone out there that Life is too short - I know this personally now- I was 17 when my dad's accident happened and it changed my life drastically, so dont take things for granted. Dont be afraid of someone who may look/act/sound different - or if they are in a wheelchair, they are people too and everyone likes a quick smile when walking past one another or a 'good morning, 'hello', 'hi'.  It really goes a long way and you could make someone's day.

I love my daddy. I will always be a daddy's girl! xoxo Love you Dad! (gotta love the 80s)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Track Shack's Ladies Night Review

So last night at Track Shack ( I think my favorite running store in Orlando) held Ladies Night. Ladies night is a fundraiser for Florida Hosital and a $10 donation to their Cancer Screening Program got you into the event, which was capped at 150 people (Since the store isnt huge).

I went with my friend MaryKay and we were glad we went together. It started at 530 and ended at 730 and outside they set up the appetizer & drink  tables and then a bunch of high top tables to eat, drink and socialize. Inside vendors were set up, Team in Training was there recruiting for San Diego (Courtney I thought of you!! but one day we'll do a race I just know it!) the Ritz Carlton was there promoting their spa, a local cookie company was there with cookies, a local hair salon, triathlon training, and a few more. Most had information and some had little goodies to give away.

After checking out all the tables that was it - well we went and ate and at 6pm Betsy (the owner) started speaking and did a drawing for prizes. Throughout the night she would draw numbers (everyone got 2 raffle tickets upon arrival - well except MaryKay who got 1 -boo). I think there were 11-12 drawings in total so to attempt to win you had to stay the entire time. There were some great prizes too - I was hoping to win a massage but, no luck this time :(

Oh the other best part was everything was 20% off!! I dont know if shoes were but I got myself my valentines presents. I got these Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves. I'm in love already. Dont judge the picture - its hard to take a pic of your legs from a front view with your iPhone. I got to meet fellow blogger and daily mile friend Kitzzy! Great to meet you!! She gave me great info about the  foam roller so I decided tonight was the night to get one.

Ahh ok so the other best part was the goodie bag at the end of the night everyone got on the way out. It was awesome. This picture isnt complete so just listen to what was included (not bad for $10). 2 pairs of socks (sorry I dont remember the name, i'll have to go get them out and come back and edit this later), a Timex sweat band, a race number belt, a clip light, and Gu Chomps.

So the night may have drug on at times but MaryKay and I had a great time and glad we went. So for those who are interested in the one next year, get on TrackShack's email list - thats how we learned about it and because spots are limited sign up once you get the email and call your girlfriends and tell them to come too! Its definately worth the $10 investment.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Run # 52

Yep - it happened again. A new PR.

Calm down right?? LOL. I dont see any more PRs in the near future after tonight.

This is going to be short and sweet because I really have to 'run'.

So I got home from work - changed real quick to go for a quick run outside. Kinda told myself I'd do 2 miles but then the more I thought about the limited amount of time I had and how I don't need super sweaty hair before I go and get it done (yes its getting washed but I dont want to be 'that' person who has nasty hair) the more I decided just do a mile, mile and a quarter or at most a mile and a half.

Its getting cool out tonight so when I checked the garmin for pace I was at sub 9 - this is when it hit me, lets just run almost all out and see what happens. Can I break a 1 mile PR of 8:48? is it possible?  Why yes, yes it is. Am I going to attempt this little stunt again? Not anytime soon - my legs have had it.

In other news - went to the Track Shack Ladies night last night - will post a review later :)

Results of Run #52
Distance: 1.03
Time: 9:01
Pace: 8:44 / mile
M1- 8:44   - new PR!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swimming #4 & Running # 51

"Chlorine is my perfume" - Author Unknown

Blog world this is my gym pool - aka my BFF.  I <3 swimming. like <3 <3 <3. I've beed bad though and totally neglected my BFF lately. Well umm not lately - more like for the past 5 months. I'm not sure what happened. I did apologize and said I'd be back next week.

Now lets see - swimming, I took lessons when I was a baby (living in FL you gotta put your kids through swim classes early since there are pools, or lakes and water everywhere). We had a pool growing up and were always going to the beach or a water park or a pool but I didnt start swimming competitively until High School and it was so much fun!

I wish I could remember some drills from HS, eventhough back then they were complete torture. haha.  Tonight though I put myself through torture, my body will thank me tomorrow. 500 yard freestyle warm up, 250 kick, 250 pull, 100 yard sprints 5 times, 250 kick and 250 pull to total 2,000 yards. Holy cow!! I was in the pool for roughly 55 mins - so probably a little slow but hey its been 5 months.

Once I finished that I somehow still had some energy so to the treadmill I went. I only had 15 mins to run (had to pick up the hubby from work - and he works a half - 3/4 of a mile away from home! yep I'm a good wife only because it was late/dark out and the first thing he said when he got in the car was 'you smell like chlorine!' hahah - love it). A little disappointed I couldnt go for a longer run but then again I have to remember I just swam 1.14 miles so be happy you are running.

Results of Run #51
Distance: 1.60 miles
Time: 15:00
Pace: 9:22 / mile

January 2011 Summary

So January started a new year and though I had better mileage than December, I could do better. I'm excited for 2011 since I have a bunch of goals and I really hope to accomplish them all. I've already broken 2 PR's and really hope I can make new ones by December. 

I'm at a loss for words - mostly because I'm tired and need to go study so here's the overview and to February 2011 being a great month!

38.64 miles in January
Biking: 17.13 miles
Running: 14.55 miles
Elliptical: 4.31 miles
Walking: 2.65 miles