Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swimming #4 & Running # 51

"Chlorine is my perfume" - Author Unknown

Blog world this is my gym pool - aka my BFF.  I <3 swimming. like <3 <3 <3. I've beed bad though and totally neglected my BFF lately. Well umm not lately - more like for the past 5 months. I'm not sure what happened. I did apologize and said I'd be back next week.

Now lets see - swimming, I took lessons when I was a baby (living in FL you gotta put your kids through swim classes early since there are pools, or lakes and water everywhere). We had a pool growing up and were always going to the beach or a water park or a pool but I didnt start swimming competitively until High School and it was so much fun!

I wish I could remember some drills from HS, eventhough back then they were complete torture. haha.  Tonight though I put myself through torture, my body will thank me tomorrow. 500 yard freestyle warm up, 250 kick, 250 pull, 100 yard sprints 5 times, 250 kick and 250 pull to total 2,000 yards. Holy cow!! I was in the pool for roughly 55 mins - so probably a little slow but hey its been 5 months.

Once I finished that I somehow still had some energy so to the treadmill I went. I only had 15 mins to run (had to pick up the hubby from work - and he works a half - 3/4 of a mile away from home! yep I'm a good wife only because it was late/dark out and the first thing he said when he got in the car was 'you smell like chlorine!' hahah - love it). A little disappointed I couldnt go for a longer run but then again I have to remember I just swam 1.14 miles so be happy you are running.

Results of Run #51
Distance: 1.60 miles
Time: 15:00
Pace: 9:22 / mile

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