Thursday, February 3, 2011

Run # 52

Yep - it happened again. A new PR.

Calm down right?? LOL. I dont see any more PRs in the near future after tonight.

This is going to be short and sweet because I really have to 'run'.

So I got home from work - changed real quick to go for a quick run outside. Kinda told myself I'd do 2 miles but then the more I thought about the limited amount of time I had and how I don't need super sweaty hair before I go and get it done (yes its getting washed but I dont want to be 'that' person who has nasty hair) the more I decided just do a mile, mile and a quarter or at most a mile and a half.

Its getting cool out tonight so when I checked the garmin for pace I was at sub 9 - this is when it hit me, lets just run almost all out and see what happens. Can I break a 1 mile PR of 8:48? is it possible?  Why yes, yes it is. Am I going to attempt this little stunt again? Not anytime soon - my legs have had it.

In other news - went to the Track Shack Ladies night last night - will post a review later :)

Results of Run #52
Distance: 1.03
Time: 9:01
Pace: 8:44 / mile
M1- 8:44   - new PR!