Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Run # 54

"The sense of accomplishment and self confidence comes in part from dreaming big and going after it" - Skinny Runner

So I've posted on here before about Skinny Runner's blog. Today she had a great post about 'Goal Big'. No its not a typo - Goal Big - "Make big time, audacious, bold goals. Too many times we as women make fail-safe goals… I’ll have an “A” goal but then a lesser goal in case I don’t make my first one and then not really a goal but I’ll call it that because I can’t dream that big…. No, Goal big. Put it out there. Believe in yourself. "

Motivating right?!!? I know I make a ton of fail-safe goals when it comes to running. Last night the Biggest Loser was on and Jillian said something that goes hand in hand with SR's Goal Big. Jillian was having her team run on the treadmills -  Jillian said they had been running sprints at 8-9-10 mph, now they just did 12 mph. Her quote of the night was "What else in your life are you doing half A$$ed?"

With all this great motivation around - it was time for round 2 (well really round 1 trillion but that can stay our secret). My Goal Big tonight was completing a 5K. I dont care if I walked, crawled, ran to finish, I was doing it. My biggest problem about running is not doing it all for me. I guess thats what you could call it. I worry too much about what others will think and that needs to stop. I have a problem with if I have to walk some then I didnt 'run' it. I know its 'A-OK' to walk run walk run but then I feel like I'd be a disappointment. Crazy I know. So tonight I'm turning over a new leaf - well attempting to - I'm going to try new things running, going further and if I have to walk I have to walk - and if i'm slown then heck I'm slow - you have to start somewhere and the only way to get better is to keep trying so here goes nothin'.

SO tonight - ran around Lake Eola - I varied where I went, I'd do some of the circle, then some of the square and while I was out, a rally started regarding the FL Light Speed / Sun Rail, whatever you want to call it.  These things always make for a great run as gobs of people blocking the sidewalk and the walking path around the lake make for lots of weaving in and out and through bushes. It was fun reading their signs. :)

After passing the rally - and hearing my garmin buzz I knew I had hit 3 miles - I sprinted the last .1 and once I was done - I was so happy - I felt so accomplished and looked up to the sky and said 'Thank you God for my legs, thank you for the ability to run and Dad I hope you were watching because that one was for you!'

Results of Run #54
Distance: 3.10 miles
Time: 30:22
Pace: 9:47 / mile
M1 - 9:52
M2 - 9:38
M3 - 10:05
M4 (.1) - 7:50 / pace

oh yes - my sweat face took an excited photo - one day I'll stop being ghetto with the mirror / camera picture taking. :)

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