Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Run # 38

"I'll be your distraction" - Angels & Airwaves

This is one of the best songs I have to run to - it comes on at pretty much the most perfect time almost every run I go on. Its like my iPod knows I'm struggling and starts this song up and I know I can make it through the rest of the run.

Tonight Brett got home from work and said lets go for a run (I was prepared to go, just was waiting for the weather to cool down some). Well we did our opposite way run and after 1 lap I dont see him at high five spot 2 so I begin to wonder what happened and when I finally see him he says hes done - mentally I want to stop too, but I tell him I'm going to finish the 2 laps we initially set out to do.

Next thing I know I see a shadow of a person and its Brett- he decided not to quit and said I motivated him to keep going. Now I'm really messed up mentally because I hate running with him since hes 'a runner' and a 'fast' one at that. So I tell him to quit following me and to go ahead so I can follow - my calves hurt, my legs hurt, my side hurts, but I have to finish - thats when Angels & Airwaves comes on <3 <3 and I finished. Thank God tonight!

Results of Run #38
Distance: 2.50
Time: 25:30
Pace: 10:11
M1 - 10:24
M2 - 10:06
M3 (.50) - 9:56

Run # 37

"Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder" - William Sigei

Tonight was a hot one - I dont get it, its getting darker sooner and its still HOT out! Tonight Brett and I 'Ran' together - he went one way, and I the other so we would cross paths and give eachother high fives. awwwww

Once finished through - wowzers....drenched. Like I felt like I jumped in a pool with all my clothes on. I hope the fall weather comes back soon

Results of Run #37
Distance: 2.41
Time: 23:46
Pace: 9:52 / mile
M1 - 9:53
M2 - 9:47
M3 (.41) - 10:01

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cycle # 7

Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever. - Lance Armstrong

My morning to the tune of Kesha's Tik Tok - hahaha
"wake up in the morning feeling like H.Diddy, Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm going to ride this city. Before I leave brush my teeth with some aquafresh, 'cause when I leave for my morning ride, I'll be right back"

Wow - I cant believe that just happened. Looks like I burned too many calories this morning change a song on the radio to something relevant to my morning.

At the inlaws (where I keep my bike) - and since yesterday I spent all day studying, I decided today I'd get up and go for a ride. Its been a while since I've gone on a ride bymyself and 'really' rode. Not that I dont like riding with Brett, its just his mom's bike he uses isnt really meant for speed (and its not that I'm that fast either but ya know what I mean). SO get all my stuff together, and head out. Do a few loops around the neighborhood since its hilly. Man oh man I forgot about speed and hills - it gets tough!

The worst part about riding out here is the stupid gate - because I'm not a car the stupid strips when you want to leave wont open. Once I got lucky and hit the strip just right and the gate opened (how I did it I have no clue), but today, no such luck. I tried squeezing through the little opening but the bike wouldnt go so I got to catch my breath for 3-5 mins before a car came in through the other gate and gave the weird look at me like what are you doing.

Oh the other negative about riding is coming back home and dealing with traffic lights / cars. I really dont want to get hit so I try to obey the lights but this morning after waiting at 1 light and it not realizing I was there to change, I said forget it there isnt any traffic and turned left on a red light to head home. Good thing there isnt a red light camera. ha ha ha.

Results of Cycle # 7
Distance: 10.72
Time: 39:16
Pace: 16.4 mph
3.42 / mile avg, 3:31 fastest mile

Friday, October 22, 2010

Run #36

"Winners never quit and quitters never win" - Vince Lombardi
Yep there's me before my run tonight - hahah amazing what an iphone and a mirror can do. I'm so silly. I actually was kinda excited to go for a run after work today. I mean who comes home from work on friday and goes to the gym or for a run? Hardly anyone.
Maybe 4 mins into my run though, my legs told me they hated me. My legs felt tight and my shins they just werent having anything today. I came this close to quitting but decided nope thats not what runners do, they dont quit .5 miles into a run. So I told my legs to suck it up and that we were doing at least 2 miles and to get over it.
So thats that - friday run after work a tiny bit over 2 miles and I'm still smiling that I went out and ran after work.
Results of Run #36
Distance: 2.15 miles
Time: 21:21
Pace: 9:55 / mile
M1 - 10:12
M2 - 9:49
M3 (.15) 8:55 / mile

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Run #35

"There is an itch in runners" - Arnold Hano

Today I had the running itch. When I got home from work, I couldnt wait to go out and run. Maybe its because I went to the chiropractor and he made me feel amazing. I dont know what causes it but after doing so much (biking/running) my lower back cramps up bad and after a quick to the chiro for an adjustment and some electric shocks while laying on the heat pad, I feel like a new person. Its been a while since I've seen my chiropractor (1 year!), so whatever he does definately helps.

So anyways, I got home went to go run but 1. i wanted to do a long run (no not long like that - right now long for me is 3.1) but 2 didnt want to over do it since i just went to the dr to get 'fixed' and 3. I'm studying for the CPA exam and really wanted to knock some studying out to not stay up super late. So off I went and took the garmin today and after i hit 1.25 miles I said 1.5 would be my stopping point and tomorrow i'll see how i feel about going further :)

oh and tonight - i updated some goals, updated my 'about me' and posted about a giveaway so check it all out :)

Results of Run#35
Distance: 1.52
Time: 14:28
Pace: 9:31 / mile (though garmin says 9:29)
M1- 9:46
M2 (.52) - 8:57 (holy crap how did i have that in me i have no idea)

Ooh a giveaway

A tasty one to be exact. So if youre like me and stalk...i mean read other peoples blogs, is giving away suncakes. WTH (What the heck!?!?) are suncakes you ask - well first off they are a company and they gave skinny runner their Heart Thrive energy bars.

Since I screwed that all up - go check out her website and read all about it. She does a better job than me describing them. Oh and leave a comment too for your entry.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cycle # 6

This post is late. But in order to keep my #'s in order, I'm just putting in the results and a little detail.

At the inlaws - didnt bring my cycle shoes, so what do you do? Go riding your sandals. Yes, clipless pedals somehow using my sandals over top = a very interesting ride. But hey it was something.

Results of Cycle #6
Distance: 5.81 miles
Time: 26:xx minutes (i cant find my time on the garmin and daily mile rounds time)
Pace: 13.3 mph

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Run #34

"I just felt like running" - Forrest Gump

Yep, best quote of the day. I totally just felt like running tonight. I did my day 2 of week 2 of the 100 Pushup challenge when I got home and then headed out to go run. I did my usual square and I swear everyone drank the stupid juice today - I had so many people walk infront of me that I swear saw me but whatever.
After the square I usually do the circle around the Lake....but since there were a Ton of people out, I decided to double up on my square. Doing this does 2 things - 1 helps me mentally with running since that is a huge weakness of mine and 2 if I complete 2 I'm doing more than my 2.25 miles.
SOOO complete 2 squares and sneak a peak at the garmin and it says 2.51 miles- UGH so close but so far, and I felt ok so I kept going. I ran .25 then turned around and HOLY GEEZE - the hardest thing I've done in a while is run towards home - it looks so close but its not. Its the worst thing in the world and then I finished the 3.0 mile mark and sprinted to do get my .1 to mark my 5K time.
The last time I Ran a 5K was in April at the Annual IOA 5K which is in Downtown Orlando with 15,000 people! Very very crowded and I didnt record my time. I cant wait to start shaving time of this starting point!
Results of Run #34
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 31:18
Pace: 10:05 / mile
M1 - 10:38
M2 - 9:36
M3 - 10:12
M4 (.1) - 8:51

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Run #33

"Never Give Up" - Jim Valvano

Tonight I dont know how many times I wanted to give up - wait actually I might have an estimate - hmmm - 3-4 times.

This week has been busy - Hollie its only Tuesday- yes I know but Saturday started the annual inventory at work that my department observes. Granted its easy what I have to do but saturday i was on my feet for 7 hours recounting inventory and then sunday Brett and I were at a car event so again a lot of being on my feet walking around and then monday inventory for 5 hours.

I didnt think much of being on my legs all weekend but they definately told me today how sore they were.

Results of Run# 33
Distance: 2.25
Time: 23:25
Pace: 10:24 / mile avg
No garmin today- let my hubby use it :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Run #32

"The more I train, the more I realize I have more speed in me" - Leroy Burrell

Back from an awesome run tonight. Yes that is a cheezy pic of me drinking my chocolate milk! Its SOOOO good after a run. One day I'll find the link about the article and post it here, until then here's how today went.

Work was blah - ate toooo many raisinettes at work today b/c my stomach was like Holy Moly your about to make me really upset. So when I got home I wasnt feeling like doing much except be lazy but instead I thought - what would all these virtual people who's blogs I stalk do? (Get the laptop, check out skinny runner's blog, Courtney's blog, Kitzzys blog, and said ok lets go run).

Running felt a little slow at the start but I didnt cheat and look at the garmin - I just wanted to run and see how far I could go before I wanted to stop and not look at the garmin for distance or time until the very end (and I think it paid off - at least for the time part b/c distance I did my regular area so I had an idea how far I'd been).

Results of Run#32
Distance: 2.25 miles
Time: 22:08
Pace: 9:50 / mile
M1 - 10:04
M2 - 9:43
M3 (.25) - 9:24

*Run#30 was the same distance and I was 34 seconds faster today. Whoot whoot!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

100 Push-Up Challenge

I started the 100 pushup challenge this past week. I started on Sunday with day 1 of week 1 and wow, 13 push ups total through 5 sets and my arms were SO sore until basically today.
Tonight I did day 2 of week 1 and felt good - the 1st set was difficult since I could tell they were a little sore still and I couldnt find a good spot on the carpet (our floors are wood and i find it really hard to do on wood).
Here and there I'll post in with updates from the challenge (they also have other challenges so I might attempt one or two of those)

Run #31

"Act like a horse. Be dumb. Just run."- Jumbo Elliot

Today at lunch I came home to take the dog (aka Kady Monster) out like usual and decided to change and really take her for a good walk since I havent had a chance to run on Monday or Tuesday.

After getting her to do her business I figured lets go for a run and see what happens - Kady is a doberman (Shes very unhappy in this photo - she wasnt really wanting to be outside) and eventhough shes 6 she can run like a champ when she wants. Shes a nut so she usually runs with her dad since he can keep a pace she really likes so today was going to be hit or miss.

So we started running and to my surprise, her old age is finally kicking in and I actually enjoyed running with my dog for like the 1st time ever! It was so much fun. And on my lunchbreak too! Exercising on my lunch break was awesome - just took some lunch back with me to work and ate at my desk while reviewing documents/files on the computer and felt so accomplished! I might have to try to do this more often. Luckily today there as a nice breeze and it wasnt too hot so I did sweat some but not enough to have to worry about washing my hair to head back to work. :)

Results of Run#31

Distance: 1.15 miles

Time: ?? I didnt take the garmin

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cycle #5

"What do you call a cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet? An organ donor."- David Perry

So this morning Brett took the pup for a run then we went for our weekend ride. Its really windy today and of course its coming right at you the entire time. Since he already went for a run he didnt last long and left to come back home at 1.5 miles.
So back home we went and while i was grabbing my helmet and garmin and getting situated on the bike I somehow wiped out in the driveway on my own. Well I know how - I had my foot clipped in and forgot so when I went to put my foot down for balance it didnt happen so the concrete and I had a morning hug. It was great / hilarious. So accidents can happen anywhere - so wear the helmets people. (hahah)
The ride went well, though something was rattling the entire time which kept me in the neighborhood doing the same loop for 5.26 miles. I didnt want to go too far just in case something were to happen. Plus with the wind - talk about a workout.
Results of Cycle #5
Distance: 5.26 miles
Time: 20:57
Pace: 15.1 mph avg pace