Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Run #33

"Never Give Up" - Jim Valvano

Tonight I dont know how many times I wanted to give up - wait actually I might have an estimate - hmmm - 3-4 times.

This week has been busy - Hollie its only Tuesday- yes I know but Saturday started the annual inventory at work that my department observes. Granted its easy what I have to do but saturday i was on my feet for 7 hours recounting inventory and then sunday Brett and I were at a car event so again a lot of being on my feet walking around and then monday inventory for 5 hours.

I didnt think much of being on my legs all weekend but they definately told me today how sore they were.

Results of Run# 33
Distance: 2.25
Time: 23:25
Pace: 10:24 / mile avg
No garmin today- let my hubby use it :)

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