Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Run # 38

"I'll be your distraction" - Angels & Airwaves

This is one of the best songs I have to run to - it comes on at pretty much the most perfect time almost every run I go on. Its like my iPod knows I'm struggling and starts this song up and I know I can make it through the rest of the run.

Tonight Brett got home from work and said lets go for a run (I was prepared to go, just was waiting for the weather to cool down some). Well we did our opposite way run and after 1 lap I dont see him at high five spot 2 so I begin to wonder what happened and when I finally see him he says hes done - mentally I want to stop too, but I tell him I'm going to finish the 2 laps we initially set out to do.

Next thing I know I see a shadow of a person and its Brett- he decided not to quit and said I motivated him to keep going. Now I'm really messed up mentally because I hate running with him since hes 'a runner' and a 'fast' one at that. So I tell him to quit following me and to go ahead so I can follow - my calves hurt, my legs hurt, my side hurts, but I have to finish - thats when Angels & Airwaves comes on <3 <3 and I finished. Thank God tonight!

Results of Run #38
Distance: 2.50
Time: 25:30
Pace: 10:11
M1 - 10:24
M2 - 10:06
M3 (.50) - 9:56

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