Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Run #35

"There is an itch in runners" - Arnold Hano

Today I had the running itch. When I got home from work, I couldnt wait to go out and run. Maybe its because I went to the chiropractor and he made me feel amazing. I dont know what causes it but after doing so much (biking/running) my lower back cramps up bad and after a quick to the chiro for an adjustment and some electric shocks while laying on the heat pad, I feel like a new person. Its been a while since I've seen my chiropractor (1 year!), so whatever he does definately helps.

So anyways, I got home went to go run but 1. i wanted to do a long run (no not long like that - right now long for me is 3.1) but 2 didnt want to over do it since i just went to the dr to get 'fixed' and 3. I'm studying for the CPA exam and really wanted to knock some studying out to not stay up super late. So off I went and took the garmin today and after i hit 1.25 miles I said 1.5 would be my stopping point and tomorrow i'll see how i feel about going further :)

oh and tonight - i updated some goals, updated my 'about me' and posted about a giveaway so check it all out :)

Results of Run#35
Distance: 1.52
Time: 14:28
Pace: 9:31 / mile (though garmin says 9:29)
M1- 9:46
M2 (.52) - 8:57 (holy crap how did i have that in me i have no idea)

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