Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Run #31

"Act like a horse. Be dumb. Just run."- Jumbo Elliot

Today at lunch I came home to take the dog (aka Kady Monster) out like usual and decided to change and really take her for a good walk since I havent had a chance to run on Monday or Tuesday.

After getting her to do her business I figured lets go for a run and see what happens - Kady is a doberman (Shes very unhappy in this photo - she wasnt really wanting to be outside) and eventhough shes 6 she can run like a champ when she wants. Shes a nut so she usually runs with her dad since he can keep a pace she really likes so today was going to be hit or miss.

So we started running and to my surprise, her old age is finally kicking in and I actually enjoyed running with my dog for like the 1st time ever! It was so much fun. And on my lunchbreak too! Exercising on my lunch break was awesome - just took some lunch back with me to work and ate at my desk while reviewing documents/files on the computer and felt so accomplished! I might have to try to do this more often. Luckily today there as a nice breeze and it wasnt too hot so I did sweat some but not enough to have to worry about washing my hair to head back to work. :)

Results of Run#31

Distance: 1.15 miles

Time: ?? I didnt take the garmin

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