Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cycle #5

"What do you call a cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet? An organ donor."- David Perry

So this morning Brett took the pup for a run then we went for our weekend ride. Its really windy today and of course its coming right at you the entire time. Since he already went for a run he didnt last long and left to come back home at 1.5 miles.
So back home we went and while i was grabbing my helmet and garmin and getting situated on the bike I somehow wiped out in the driveway on my own. Well I know how - I had my foot clipped in and forgot so when I went to put my foot down for balance it didnt happen so the concrete and I had a morning hug. It was great / hilarious. So accidents can happen anywhere - so wear the helmets people. (hahah)
The ride went well, though something was rattling the entire time which kept me in the neighborhood doing the same loop for 5.26 miles. I didnt want to go too far just in case something were to happen. Plus with the wind - talk about a workout.
Results of Cycle #5
Distance: 5.26 miles
Time: 20:57
Pace: 15.1 mph avg pace

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