Saturday, January 29, 2011

Run # 50

"The real purpose of running isn't to win a race. It's to test the limits of the human heart" - Bill Bowerman

Its Party time up in here today!!

Thus the reason for 2 of my PR badges!

So the other day when I attempted to run when I was sick, I said that because Run # 50 was coming up that had to be something good to post about. Now when I said good I only had good in mind, not anything great or spectacular. (did I spell that right? oh well)

I spent the morning studying for the CPA exam and then Brett said lets go for a run its a really nice day out. I wanted to go run but the legs are sore so I wasnt expecting a lot out of them today. So we headed down to the lake and wow its a gorgeous day out. Its not chilly, its not dreadful hot, there is a tiny breeze - if it could be like this all year I'd take it.

So I told B that we'd run the square and the lake and we'd go the opposite way so we'd be able to do our slap hand thing when we saw eachother. Well I never saw him so I figured he was behind me (which he likes to do to 'motivate' me and it works some of the time).  I really really really didnt want to look at the garmin while running but I cheated and peeked and umm since when do I run 'fast'??? To my surprise I went with it and my legs werent hurting and I wasnt out of breath and cramping so I kept it up. When I hit a mile I didnt want to look just in case my pace slowed and I kept running - the 1/4 mile after the 1 mile mark is so hard - I know i just ran a mile in a quick time and was keeping pace - so I wanted to see what I could do but my mind was breaking and running was getting hard. I screwed up by looking at the garmin and saw I was running around 830 - umm omg! Then it sets in - if I keep this up I can break my 2M PR so suck it up!

Its so hard to not look at the garmin once you start (well for me it is). I kinda knew where the 2M point would be so with about a 1/4 mile left I just pushed and got there and to really mess with my head / aching body kept going just to show myself I can do it. Because I was a decent amount away from where I started, i started walking, reset the garmin then jogged the rest back before looking at the time for the potential 2 mile PR.

You are reading history right here....I know I know youre dying to here it is

Results of Run #50
Distance: 2.03 miles
Time: 18:08
Pace: 8:55 / mile
M1 - 9:04
M2 - 8:48  - New 1 M Personal record!!
Total 2 Mile = 17:52! Holy cow!!!

Here's the info on what I did after walking some and catching my breath
Distance: .31
Time: 3:09
Pace: 10:19

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sick Run #2

Tonight was awesome! I sooo evened the score with the treadmill. I could have kicked its butt but I decided I'd play nice and just even the score. Butt kicking can come later.

I woke up this morning feeling 1000 times better- now I'm not 1000 times better but I'm close. So today when I got home it was back to the treadmill and the mission was to run longer than yesterday in # of minutes and to log at least 2 miles and beat yesterdays time. I started off slow, wanting to die, remembering how much the treadmill and I do not get along and then wham somehow my legs remembered how not to hurt and my brain decided to give me a chance and Ta DA a great run in the bag tonight on the treadmill of all places!!

I am excited I am excited - Fa la la la la.  - Kinda feels like that -->
Just have to keep this up!

Results of Sick Run #2
Distance: 2.20
Time: 21:06
Pace: 9:35 / mile

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Run #1

I'm not even counting this run tonight. I noticed my next run is #50 and because thats a fairly big number and kind of a milestone number, I have to run something good for that one.

So tonight will be sick run # 1 because after a little while ago its
Sickness - 1
Hollie - 0

went to the Dr today  and basically I'm really congested and need to keep on the sudafed to get rid of this guy. --->
So I figure lets give the treadmill a try - that way if I were to pass out, fall over etc, its in my building where people know where I live and not in some park.  So my goal was walk 5 mins, run 15 mins easy then walk 5 more. Well what actually happened was this......5 min walk, 11 min run, 3 min walk, 3 min 44 sec run. Round 2 will be happning tomorrow only because I feel like I've broken up some congestion in me (despite feeling like I was about to pass out after hitting the stop button).

While I was waiting for the elevator (and after noticing I hit the down button instead of up) I thought how crazy would someone think I was if I were to just lay down to rest / not pass out. Would security see me on the camera and come check on me? Would someone getting off and elevator freak out? haha - maybe a good april fools joke but Im not going to do this to anyone.

Results of Sick Run #1
Distance: 2.0 Miles
Time: 22:44
Pace: 11:22 / mile

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Sick and the weather sucks

The Sunshine State isnt so much Sunshine right now. And this storm my friends is moving east so Orlando is going to be covered in that red stuff in oh about an hour or 2. Going to be a fun night at home since I know the satellite will have issues with the rain and clouds. Might be a good thing since now the Biggest Loser cant distract me from my studying.

Right now this is what outside looks like....not tooo bad yet - its getting dark, its been drizzling - if I can get a good pic later I'll post a 'before' and 'after.

Oh and the sick part - I caught a cold, not sure how or when and i've lost my voice, Not completely but just enough to where I sound like a frog. I'm not usually into pity parties but today staying home from work feeling miserable I needed a pick me up so I baked brownies! YUM!! The ultimate get better feel better food. So I've not been able to do much since last week and its been killing me. So until then - its these crazy random updates :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Its giveaway time

So I blog stalk skinny runner....who is skinny runner you ask? She's a gal over in California who runs and runs and runs and makes it look easy.

She has a great sense of humor and her blog is a ton of fun to read. Well today she posted about a giveaway for Yurbuds. If interested go check out her post (see below) and write a little comment about what headphones you currently use and then cross your fingers and hope you win.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Goals

So I just realized I havent set any 2011 Goals.....well I have I just havent made them known, so to hold me to it, Here they are in no particular order (well #1 is #1 beacuse it has to be so I dont go broke)

#1 - CPA Exam - take and pass all 4 parts. This is not fun at all. I'd much rather have to run 4 marathons this year but to make that money I gotta take that test.

#2 - Run a Sub 29 minute 5K - Currently my world record 5K time is at 29:55 - If I can get a minute off this time I'm golden.

#3 - Run a 10K race - eeek! my stomach gets butterflies thinking about this (No I'm not doing the race - but me doing a 10K is going to be super tough mentally)

#4 -  Triathlon Season! I skipped it last year so this year I hope to complete 2-3 races

#5 - OUC 1/2 Marathon (OMG!! WHAT!) Yes I said 1/2 Marathon you read that right. The OUC 1/2 is in December so I have a full year to prep. I think I can get there.

So those are the goals and here I am because I hope to have this smile on my face once the year is over!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bikram Yoga

So this morning I went with my friend Carlos to Bikram Yoga. I've never done yoga before and definately not Bikram. I've heard a lot about it and have been wanting to try a class but didnt know where to go. So last weekend he told me all about the class and I decided I'd go with him this weekend .

I really didnt think there would be that many people there but wow - I think the class was probably at capacity. Yes it is warm in the room and I didnt think I'd be able to make it for the 90 mins but I did and wow loved the class! Yes the postures are intense and some of them I cant do like a pro but I have a feeling I'm going to be feeling this workout tomorrow. OH and sweating, wow, never in my life have i sweated like this. I'll need to bring a small towel next time since I couldnt grab my foot in some poses as sweaty hands/ body = no grip. hahah

Best part of this class today was I paid $10 and I can go next week for any class for free so I'll definately be going again! :)

Run # 49

"Believe in yourself, know yourself, deny yourself, and be humble" - John Treacy's four principles of training prior to Los Angeles 84

So last night was chilly (by the time I got home and got ready to go run). So I made the executive decision of going to the gym to run on the treadmill instead. I had a great idea, I'll run a little bit slower and knock out 3 miles minimum and go from there. No need to set time records, just see what I can do and break free of my mental block. Sounds great right? wrong

1st off - getting the treadmill to start isnt fun. Its so slow to have it increase to a speed that you can run to (which I feel is a huge waste of time). Once I get running with my music cranking the shins  start to hurthurt, I keep looking at the distance and then a side cramp starts to make its way in. I keep telling myself I can do it despite my brain telling me otherwise.

I get to 1.8ish miles and the brain tells the body to freak out and it listed - I felt like I was about to die, my whole body hurt and the last .2 seemed to take 20 mins. BUT i finished 2 miles on the treadmill in 20:40 - went got some water - stretched, walked around, did some weights while getting my breathing under control, then decided the treadmill cant beat me and I cant let myself give in either. So I got back on the treadmill and finished out another mile in 9:30. So despite having to break it up I was pretty happy with completing 3.

Results of Run #49
Distance: 3.0 miles (total - 2M + 1M)
Time: 30:10 (20:40 + 9:30)
Pace: 10:03 / mile pace combined

Run # 48

"Good things come slow - especially in distance running" - Bill Dellinger, Oregon coach.

Because I'm behind in posting, I cant remember too much about this run. Oh wait yes I can! It was cold out because I totally gave up on this one after a mile. I do not know what is is about running and being uncomfortable but when it happens I give up. Way to easily!  Mentally I loose it and I hate it - but as Bill says, good things come slow so I'm going to keep trying and see what happens.

After 'giving' up outside, I headed to the gym and cranked out a mile on the ellpitical and did some weight workout too which helped me feel better about not trying more outside.

Results of Run# 48
Distance: 1.26 miles
Time: 11:51
Pace: 9:25 / mile
M1 - 9:32
M2 (.26) - 9:01 / mile pace

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Run # 47

"Just remember - right, left, right, left... repeat"

This is my new Personal record badge - its cute and signifies a reason to celebrate. I'm posting it tonight because I set a new 2 mile run Personal Record tonight and almost didnt realize it.

I got home from work, debated about running and the angel on my shoulder won so I headed outside dreading the cold and to my surprise its not cold out!! So I'm excited and start running taking it slower than the other night since I knew I wanted to do more than a mile. Well its supposed to rain tonight so its super windy outside and cloudy so maybe only a 1/2 mile into the run I'm already debating about stopping at the 1M mark.

Well somehow I manage to get to 1.2 miles and its nice out I'm running but not like previous nights so I tell myself just get to 1.5 and then we'll call it a night, well I get to 1.5 after looking at the watch probably 300 times - and figured its only .5 left might as well finish.

To all my daily mile friends - THANK YOU!! Thinking about everyone who posts all their 'fast' and 'slow' runs really motivated me. I kept thinking about people who are probably out at the same moment running and are ok with whatever they can do and I should be ok with whatever time I was going to finish with tonight no matter what - and that is what helped me get to a 2 mile run tonight! Now for all the blog stalkers - help a girl out and 'follow me'.

So 2 mile run is complete tonight - once i finished, i wanted to die - i didnt even want to look at the watch. I also thought one of my legs had fallen off but they were still there so I stretched them out and that helped a lot.  It wasnt until I got inside and was checking out the time to log into daily mile and type up this run did it hit me that I had a new PR.  I guess tonight was a good night to go running. :)

Results of Run #47
Distance: 2.0 miles
Time: 19:18
Pace: 9:39 / mile
M1 - 9:41
M2 - 9:38

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Summary

2010 was a great year. I'm glad I started back with this blog to keep me motivated to work out, glad I started using daily mile to track any thing I do and thankful for all my daily mile 'friends' who post motivations here and there after I log a workout. Its definately great to see so many people posting their workouts and its a huge motivator for me to keep going and to get better.

Now I didnt have a full year, I only started keeping track in August so I had 5 full months and here's my summary

192.78 miles in 2010...........38.56 mile avg per month

Biking: 100.51 miles
Running: 52.50 miles
Elliptical: 21.47 miles
Walking: 15.55 miles
Swimming: 2.75 miles

I started the 100 pushup challenge - goal is to be able to do 25 pushups in a row without stopping, I havent been good at keeping up with this but I'm able to do about 15 right now which is a huge improvement.

November and going into December was kind of a turning point in my running because I set 3 new PRs!

1. 1 mile = 9:00 (was 9:19)
2. 2 mile = 19:24 (was 19:47)
3. 5K = 29:55 (was 31:18)

Here's to a great 2011 with more mileage, more races an more PRs!

December Summary

Ok so December as the lowest month to date but vacation and Christmas kinda got in the way. OOpsie. For a busy month though I'm glad I at least got some mileage up on the board. Here's december's breakout.

24.75 miles in December
Biking: 9.24 miles
Running: 4.15 miles
Elliptical: 11.36 miles

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Run #46

"People don't know why we run, but its the hard work you put into practice, and the reward you get from the race." - Courtney Parsons

today was a productive day - brett and I missed church because the stupid iphone alarm is having glitches so it never went off. I mean who really knew that would happen. So we got up and cleaned house and i mean cleaned house. Having a clean house is a great feeling. Once we finished we went for a run - nothing too long and I wasnt expecting greatness after yesterday's mileage but wow was i surprised once i checked the watch.

2011 is starting off great - hopefully I can keep it up and keep these decent paces going.

Results of Run # 46
Distance: 1.25 miles
Time: 11:05
Pace: 8:52 / mile
M1 - 9:05
M2 (.25) - 8:00 pace

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!! / Cycle #10 A & B

Welcome 2011!! Happy New Year everyone!

We had a great night last night with our friends at dinner then over at their place to watch the ball drop. I really wanted to sleep in this morning but 9:30 came and somehow couldnt go back to sleep :(    So today was help the inlaws take down the Christmas lights day. With the 4 of us it didnt take long at all, so Kady got lucky and got to have a bath since its warmer today (dont worry shes spoiled - we hook up the hose to the utility sink and run the hose outside so she has warm water when getting a bath, then princess kate gets blown dry) so shes so pretty tonight.

After that was over with, I wanted to celebrate 2011 with a bike ride. How am I so lucky to deal with wind today? It was so strong! I mean yes I wanted to get outside and log some miles and with the 'hills' thats usually enough to get me huffing and puffing but add some nice head wind and yah, this girl is not in shape.

I stuck inside the neighborhood and the loop is 1.5 miles but to change things up I would climb the 'big hill' going towards the gate which is a great workout.

Once I got back from my ride my mom # 2 wanted me to set up her bicyce computer so after messing around with that and getting it to register the hardest part was entering in the code for the tire size. She has a hybrid mountain bike thing - its nice but its not a road bike. Well after googling almost everything related to tire size and this bicycle computer - Brett and I took a guess then he rode her bike and I rode mine around the neighborhood and compared the results when we got back. Well if ya wouldnt know - I would be 1.50 and he would be at 1.57 - so we reset the code and take 2 didnt work either - repeat and trial run # 3 was close but not close enough so last code and the 4th time around we were 100% accurate with eachother! SUCCESS!! So then after that it was time to show Mom #2 how it worked and that meant 1 more time around the neighborhood.

My legs are exhausted !

Cycle #10 A
Distance: 8.13 miles
Time: 30:03
Pace: 16.2 mph

Cycle #10 B
Distance: 7.50 miles
Time: 37:00
pace: 12.2 mph