Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Run # 47

"Just remember - right, left, right, left... repeat"

This is my new Personal record badge - its cute and signifies a reason to celebrate. I'm posting it tonight because I set a new 2 mile run Personal Record tonight and almost didnt realize it.

I got home from work, debated about running and the angel on my shoulder won so I headed outside dreading the cold and to my surprise its not cold out!! So I'm excited and start running taking it slower than the other night since I knew I wanted to do more than a mile. Well its supposed to rain tonight so its super windy outside and cloudy so maybe only a 1/2 mile into the run I'm already debating about stopping at the 1M mark.

Well somehow I manage to get to 1.2 miles and its nice out I'm running but not like previous nights so I tell myself just get to 1.5 and then we'll call it a night, well I get to 1.5 after looking at the watch probably 300 times - and figured its only .5 left might as well finish.

To all my daily mile friends - THANK YOU!! Thinking about everyone who posts all their 'fast' and 'slow' runs really motivated me. I kept thinking about people who are probably out at the same moment running and are ok with whatever they can do and I should be ok with whatever time I was going to finish with tonight no matter what - and that is what helped me get to a 2 mile run tonight! Now for all the blog stalkers - help a girl out and 'follow me'.

So 2 mile run is complete tonight - once i finished, i wanted to die - i didnt even want to look at the watch. I also thought one of my legs had fallen off but they were still there so I stretched them out and that helped a lot.  It wasnt until I got inside and was checking out the time to log into daily mile and type up this run did it hit me that I had a new PR.  I guess tonight was a good night to go running. :)

Results of Run #47
Distance: 2.0 miles
Time: 19:18
Pace: 9:39 / mile
M1 - 9:41
M2 - 9:38

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