Sunday, January 2, 2011

Run #46

"People don't know why we run, but its the hard work you put into practice, and the reward you get from the race." - Courtney Parsons

today was a productive day - brett and I missed church because the stupid iphone alarm is having glitches so it never went off. I mean who really knew that would happen. So we got up and cleaned house and i mean cleaned house. Having a clean house is a great feeling. Once we finished we went for a run - nothing too long and I wasnt expecting greatness after yesterday's mileage but wow was i surprised once i checked the watch.

2011 is starting off great - hopefully I can keep it up and keep these decent paces going.

Results of Run # 46
Distance: 1.25 miles
Time: 11:05
Pace: 8:52 / mile
M1 - 9:05
M2 (.25) - 8:00 pace

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