Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!! / Cycle #10 A & B

Welcome 2011!! Happy New Year everyone!

We had a great night last night with our friends at dinner then over at their place to watch the ball drop. I really wanted to sleep in this morning but 9:30 came and somehow couldnt go back to sleep :(    So today was help the inlaws take down the Christmas lights day. With the 4 of us it didnt take long at all, so Kady got lucky and got to have a bath since its warmer today (dont worry shes spoiled - we hook up the hose to the utility sink and run the hose outside so she has warm water when getting a bath, then princess kate gets blown dry) so shes so pretty tonight.

After that was over with, I wanted to celebrate 2011 with a bike ride. How am I so lucky to deal with wind today? It was so strong! I mean yes I wanted to get outside and log some miles and with the 'hills' thats usually enough to get me huffing and puffing but add some nice head wind and yah, this girl is not in shape.

I stuck inside the neighborhood and the loop is 1.5 miles but to change things up I would climb the 'big hill' going towards the gate which is a great workout.

Once I got back from my ride my mom # 2 wanted me to set up her bicyce computer so after messing around with that and getting it to register the hardest part was entering in the code for the tire size. She has a hybrid mountain bike thing - its nice but its not a road bike. Well after googling almost everything related to tire size and this bicycle computer - Brett and I took a guess then he rode her bike and I rode mine around the neighborhood and compared the results when we got back. Well if ya wouldnt know - I would be 1.50 and he would be at 1.57 - so we reset the code and take 2 didnt work either - repeat and trial run # 3 was close but not close enough so last code and the 4th time around we were 100% accurate with eachother! SUCCESS!! So then after that it was time to show Mom #2 how it worked and that meant 1 more time around the neighborhood.

My legs are exhausted !

Cycle #10 A
Distance: 8.13 miles
Time: 30:03
Pace: 16.2 mph

Cycle #10 B
Distance: 7.50 miles
Time: 37:00
pace: 12.2 mph

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