Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Run #1

I'm not even counting this run tonight. I noticed my next run is #50 and because thats a fairly big number and kind of a milestone number, I have to run something good for that one.

So tonight will be sick run # 1 because after a little while ago its
Sickness - 1
Hollie - 0

went to the Dr today  and basically I'm really congested and need to keep on the sudafed to get rid of this guy. --->
So I figure lets give the treadmill a try - that way if I were to pass out, fall over etc, its in my building where people know where I live and not in some park.  So my goal was walk 5 mins, run 15 mins easy then walk 5 more. Well what actually happened was this......5 min walk, 11 min run, 3 min walk, 3 min 44 sec run. Round 2 will be happning tomorrow only because I feel like I've broken up some congestion in me (despite feeling like I was about to pass out after hitting the stop button).

While I was waiting for the elevator (and after noticing I hit the down button instead of up) I thought how crazy would someone think I was if I were to just lay down to rest / not pass out. Would security see me on the camera and come check on me? Would someone getting off and elevator freak out? haha - maybe a good april fools joke but Im not going to do this to anyone.

Results of Sick Run #1
Distance: 2.0 Miles
Time: 22:44
Pace: 11:22 / mile

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