Saturday, January 29, 2011

Run # 50

"The real purpose of running isn't to win a race. It's to test the limits of the human heart" - Bill Bowerman

Its Party time up in here today!!

Thus the reason for 2 of my PR badges!

So the other day when I attempted to run when I was sick, I said that because Run # 50 was coming up that had to be something good to post about. Now when I said good I only had good in mind, not anything great or spectacular. (did I spell that right? oh well)

I spent the morning studying for the CPA exam and then Brett said lets go for a run its a really nice day out. I wanted to go run but the legs are sore so I wasnt expecting a lot out of them today. So we headed down to the lake and wow its a gorgeous day out. Its not chilly, its not dreadful hot, there is a tiny breeze - if it could be like this all year I'd take it.

So I told B that we'd run the square and the lake and we'd go the opposite way so we'd be able to do our slap hand thing when we saw eachother. Well I never saw him so I figured he was behind me (which he likes to do to 'motivate' me and it works some of the time).  I really really really didnt want to look at the garmin while running but I cheated and peeked and umm since when do I run 'fast'??? To my surprise I went with it and my legs werent hurting and I wasnt out of breath and cramping so I kept it up. When I hit a mile I didnt want to look just in case my pace slowed and I kept running - the 1/4 mile after the 1 mile mark is so hard - I know i just ran a mile in a quick time and was keeping pace - so I wanted to see what I could do but my mind was breaking and running was getting hard. I screwed up by looking at the garmin and saw I was running around 830 - umm omg! Then it sets in - if I keep this up I can break my 2M PR so suck it up!

Its so hard to not look at the garmin once you start (well for me it is). I kinda knew where the 2M point would be so with about a 1/4 mile left I just pushed and got there and to really mess with my head / aching body kept going just to show myself I can do it. Because I was a decent amount away from where I started, i started walking, reset the garmin then jogged the rest back before looking at the time for the potential 2 mile PR.

You are reading history right here....I know I know youre dying to here it is

Results of Run #50
Distance: 2.03 miles
Time: 18:08
Pace: 8:55 / mile
M1 - 9:04
M2 - 8:48  - New 1 M Personal record!!
Total 2 Mile = 17:52! Holy cow!!!

Here's the info on what I did after walking some and catching my breath
Distance: .31
Time: 3:09
Pace: 10:19


  1. Wow that's incredible!!! Way to go Hollie! It's so hard to speed up once you're already running fast and you had a much faster second mile. That's awesome!