Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sick Run #2

Tonight was awesome! I sooo evened the score with the treadmill. I could have kicked its butt but I decided I'd play nice and just even the score. Butt kicking can come later.

I woke up this morning feeling 1000 times better- now I'm not 1000 times better but I'm close. So today when I got home it was back to the treadmill and the mission was to run longer than yesterday in # of minutes and to log at least 2 miles and beat yesterdays time. I started off slow, wanting to die, remembering how much the treadmill and I do not get along and then wham somehow my legs remembered how not to hurt and my brain decided to give me a chance and Ta DA a great run in the bag tonight on the treadmill of all places!!

I am excited I am excited - Fa la la la la.  - Kinda feels like that -->
Just have to keep this up!

Results of Sick Run #2
Distance: 2.20
Time: 21:06
Pace: 9:35 / mile

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