Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Goals

So I just realized I havent set any 2011 Goals.....well I have I just havent made them known, so to hold me to it, Here they are in no particular order (well #1 is #1 beacuse it has to be so I dont go broke)

#1 - CPA Exam - take and pass all 4 parts. This is not fun at all. I'd much rather have to run 4 marathons this year but to make that money I gotta take that test.

#2 - Run a Sub 29 minute 5K - Currently my world record 5K time is at 29:55 - If I can get a minute off this time I'm golden.

#3 - Run a 10K race - eeek! my stomach gets butterflies thinking about this (No I'm not doing the race - but me doing a 10K is going to be super tough mentally)

#4 -  Triathlon Season! I skipped it last year so this year I hope to complete 2-3 races

#5 - OUC 1/2 Marathon (OMG!! WHAT!) Yes I said 1/2 Marathon you read that right. The OUC 1/2 is in December so I have a full year to prep. I think I can get there.

So those are the goals and here I am because I hope to have this smile on my face once the year is over!

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