Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Run #39 & 40

"You play the way you practice" - Pop Warner

I've been busy so this is a combo of Yesterdays and Today's run.

Yesterday - Gym day - 1 mile walk on the treadmill before spin class. 1 hour spin class - it was HOT. There was no AC in the room tonight. So I think I sweated an additional 20 lbs. It felt good, especially after all the halloween candy. Good thing today is Nov 1st - Brett and I are starting fresh, going on vacation next month so we are going to attempt to cut back on our sweets in the house for November (except when Thanksgiving comes - we'll have to cheat a little then). Then when I came home, Brett and I went for a run around the lake. it was late so it was really dark and with the election tomorrow the senate candidates were doing something so they had all kinds of stuff blocked off so a normal run turned into an adventure run.

Today - came home, started to clean house, went and picked up hubby from work, came home finished cleaning, had a freak out moment b/c of the time it was taking - so hubby finished chores and I went for a stress relief run. wasnt far - just had to get out - it rained this afternoon so it was gorgeous out. Nobody around the lake, nice cool weather = nice run.
After I got back I re-started week 4 of the 100 pushup challenge. Last week I did day 1 but never finished out the week so Tonight was a great night to start over. :)

Results of Run #39
Distance: 1.30 miles
Time: 13:04
Pace: 10:01 / mile
M1 - 10:03
M2 (.3) - 9:51

Results of Run #40
Distance: 1.15
Time: 11:13
Pace: 9:46 / mile
M1 - 9:51
M2 (.15) - 9:16

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