Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I Love FitSoks!!!!

So Back in August I won a pair from Courtney @ http://superfoodsuperfood.wordpress.com/ and fell in love. Went to facebook - found FitSok and 'liked' them. and here and there they'll have giveaways so I posted in time and I won!!! So excited.
cant wait to get these in the mail.

Ok so what makes these so great is

1 - they dont bunch

2 - they dont slide down your heel

3 - they keep your feet dry (yes even for hot sticky FL weather i've noticed my feeet are drier than normal when I go run and come back and take my shoes off)

4 - they fit great

5 - they are cushy but not too soft and not too thin either.

I highly recommend these if you are a: in the market for some new socks b: want to take my word for it and try some out. 1 downside is they do not sell in FL - you can order online through their website http://www.fitsok.com/ :)

and No - they did not ask/tell me to do this - I'm doing it off my own free will b/c I really like their product. :)

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  1. RunningWarehouse.com has them again and they're cheaper. Go to SkinnyRunner.com and click through for a 10% discount.