Monday, November 29, 2010

Run #43

"The real purpose of running isnt to win a race. It's to test the limites of the human heart." - Bill Bowerman

So tonight after our bike ride, we got back to the house and after helping his parents hang a few more Christmas lights - we got the dog on the leash and went for a run around the neighborhood. I think I've said it before but the neighborhood is small and its nice because its one loop and when you include the driveway (its a long one) you can easily do 1.5 miles which is awesome. BUT holy hills - well I'm not sure you can call them hills but in 3 spots there are some really good inclines.

Brett and I ran together - the garmin died on us starting up so we found a stopwatch (so no splits - boo). I really enjoyed running with him tonight. Yes usually I hate it but he was a HUGE help. I was not in the mood to run, once we started i wanted to quit and he gave me pointers on how to run downhill without killing my legs. THEN, near the finish he was pushing me to get there and to my surprise, had a decent time in my book. :)

Results of Run #43
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 14:26
Pace: 9:37 / mile

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