Sunday, November 14, 2010

Run #42

"Every run is a great run!" - Sasha Azevedo

Tonight was a GREAT run. Well not at first. BFizzle and I thought the event going on downtown was over so when got close to the event (which was the Orlando food and Wine fest and some concert) it was all gated and blocked off so there was NO running the normal path. I cut through some parking lot, down a few steps to the lake and ran the lake, while Brett - I'm not sure where he went.

Holy people tonight - who do not pay attention to where they are walking and I swear hear me huffing and puffing behind them and wont be a tad bit courteous and move over 4 inches. One lady, appeared out of nowhere and doesnt even look to where she is going and her person with her didnt look either and the decide to walk in the middle of the sidewalk (when granted there were a TON of people around). Well since she kinda came out of nowhere I didnt see it coming and flat our ran into her purse hanging off the side of her. I really dont care what she thought/said to me since I couldnt hear much except what was on the iPod and I was moving tonight.

Ok back to the 'great' run aspect about this - The weather was great, a little chilly but not horrible, and I ran great and have a new 2 Mile PR. YIPPEEE!

Results of Run #42
Distance: 2.10
Time: 20:13
Pace: 9:37/mile
M1: 9:49
M2: 9:35
M3 (.1) - 8:12 / mile pace

2 mile: 19:24


  1. Nice run! I totally know what you mean about people not moving out of the way. That drives me crazy and happens to me all the time.