Tuesday, November 30, 2010

News Flash

I am still Alive I promise!!

haha - I havent been out for a run since sunday - monday was gym night which consisted of the elliptical and treadmill where I did 1 mile on each. Havent seen my best friend since I was out of town and missed our annual Turkey Trot 5K so we walked on the treadmill and chatted it up before Spin class then for an hour sweated out all the yummies from turkey day.

Tonight - back to the gym, decided to show the elliptical some more love and pushed the interval button. The 'program' looked like a rolling hill that never stopped. 2.5 miles later it was weight time. There are these great machines at the gym and they move with you (I'll have to get the name later) but it was a great workout and I have a feeling I might be yelled at by the muscles tomorrow morning.

Ooh Ooh - this weekend 5K - i'm excited. I havent ran a race 5K since well umm April. Its ok - I am a slacker. Ahh so race day - is a 5K or 1/2 marathon (sigh - one day I'll sign up for that one) BUT kinda booo hiss is the fact the race starts at 715am for the 5K - its right outside my house so I dont have to worry about having to get up early to drive somewhere but still - ugh! I love sleeping in. ::Fingers crossed:: for a new 5K PR - we'll see though.

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  1. Good luck this weekend at the 5K. I'll be running the half, so come out and say hi after you shower and change into your race shirt :) lol