Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skinny Runner t-shirts

With the way I post about her, you'd think we were BFF's - we're not I promise. Am I a blog stalker? Yes - yes indeed. hahah.

So get this - she came up with some running shirt ideas and had them made and are now for sale through her blog. 
::Happy dance:::

I have already placed my order and paid - I cant wait for this shirt to come in.
I find it hilarious. I was torn though between the one I bought and this one...

I have a horrible sweet tooth so this one is SO me!! I have told my dentist he's running out of teeth to fill or put crowns on. hahah. Seriously I sneeze and get a cavity or root canal. I go back next week to get my permanent crown (my 4th- i think! tee hee), I need to tell my favorite dentist that maybe we should start me with permanent dentures - yikes maybe not -want to see something scary google images that one...... Going to go brush and floss my teeth now.

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