Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Run # 53

Alright with the litle bit of backround in the previous post - its now time to talk about running.

Tonight was the 1st night in oh 2 weeks since I've ran outside. At my parents my mom got some treadmill thats tiny (and mostly used for walking). Being a florida girl, running outside with hills in 30-50 degree weather isnt really my cup of tea so treadmill time it is.  Well come to find out, this lovely treadmill only goes to 6 mph. Whatever- a run's a run right.

Not sure what it was up in Ohio on this treadmill but running 2 miles came easy. Granted it probably sounded like I was about to break the thing in half running but I think 2-3 times I ran on it, got a decent sweat on and then would call it quits.

So tonight - back in Otown - where its like 80 degrees. So I went to the lake and figured I'd knock out my 2 miles again. Wrong - totally wrong! my calves were on Fire. and my arches. OMG - I wanted to sit down and almost cry - cry because mentally I'm exhausted, cry because I've been doing 'good' with my running and now because of life's hurdles, I have a minor setback and cry because the pain felt like both my achillies and my calves were strings. I couldnt even stretch because it hurt that bad. After I finish writing this - foam roller time. We'll see if that works.

Tell me - have you experienced this? Is it treadmill vs outside running? could it be my form?

Results of Run #53
Distance: 1.60
Time: 15:33
Pace: 9:43 / mile

ooh and for some fun - saturday in Ohio in about 45 mins the yard when from this to this - so thankful I live in FL (sorry mom - I love you but Ohio = tooo cold!)

For more kicks - me and my 3 nephews -  <3 <3

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