Friday, February 4, 2011

Track Shack's Ladies Night Review

So last night at Track Shack ( I think my favorite running store in Orlando) held Ladies Night. Ladies night is a fundraiser for Florida Hosital and a $10 donation to their Cancer Screening Program got you into the event, which was capped at 150 people (Since the store isnt huge).

I went with my friend MaryKay and we were glad we went together. It started at 530 and ended at 730 and outside they set up the appetizer & drink  tables and then a bunch of high top tables to eat, drink and socialize. Inside vendors were set up, Team in Training was there recruiting for San Diego (Courtney I thought of you!! but one day we'll do a race I just know it!) the Ritz Carlton was there promoting their spa, a local cookie company was there with cookies, a local hair salon, triathlon training, and a few more. Most had information and some had little goodies to give away.

After checking out all the tables that was it - well we went and ate and at 6pm Betsy (the owner) started speaking and did a drawing for prizes. Throughout the night she would draw numbers (everyone got 2 raffle tickets upon arrival - well except MaryKay who got 1 -boo). I think there were 11-12 drawings in total so to attempt to win you had to stay the entire time. There were some great prizes too - I was hoping to win a massage but, no luck this time :(

Oh the other best part was everything was 20% off!! I dont know if shoes were but I got myself my valentines presents. I got these Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves. I'm in love already. Dont judge the picture - its hard to take a pic of your legs from a front view with your iPhone. I got to meet fellow blogger and daily mile friend Kitzzy! Great to meet you!! She gave me great info about the  foam roller so I decided tonight was the night to get one.

Ahh ok so the other best part was the goodie bag at the end of the night everyone got on the way out. It was awesome. This picture isnt complete so just listen to what was included (not bad for $10). 2 pairs of socks (sorry I dont remember the name, i'll have to go get them out and come back and edit this later), a Timex sweat band, a race number belt, a clip light, and Gu Chomps.

So the night may have drug on at times but MaryKay and I had a great time and glad we went. So for those who are interested in the one next year, get on TrackShack's email list - thats how we learned about it and because spots are limited sign up once you get the email and call your girlfriends and tell them to come too! Its definately worth the $10 investment.


  1. It's a sign! You must come to San Diego =)

  2. I love my Zensah sleeves, though technically they are Jason's lol I need to get a 2nd pair of my own, but can't decide on a color. His are black and I kinda want to get different color. I am leaning towards yellow. The goody bag was great, but I don't know what I'll do with the race belt. I already own several and pink isnt my color.

  3. Kittzy - have a give away for it on your blog? Give it to someone at an upcoming race randomly? Sell it on craigs? Umm I don't know what else. Oh and I love the foam roller - wow!!

  4. Courtney - I think it would be so much fun but I really want my 1st race in town so family could be at the finish line