Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend - Part 4

I found Brett at our meeting point afterwards and I had (and still have) the biggest smile on my face. I had done it. Little Miss, I cant run, Im not a runner, I cant get past the 5K mark, ran a 1/2 marathon!!

Now lets explain something - I did 'train' for this because I posted about my running adventures along the way. I say 'train' loosely as I only had 1 long run of 7 miles, which prior to this race was my longest run EVER!  For the month of december I was in Europe for 11 days and then came Christmas and New Years so on new years day I ran a 10K and that was it prior.

Was this smart? Nope. Well how did I do this? I have no clue. I think I am very lucky that I'm not hurt, not super sore and I guess young enough still that my body bouces back.  I do think what helped me finish was the fact that my 1st 6 miles were slower than my last 6.

So how'd I do? 13.26 miles 2:20:28..... how'd Brett do 13.25 miles 1:49:31.... with less training than me...crazy!

Distance: 13.26 miles
M1- 12:01                     M7 - 10:16                      M13 - 9:45
M2 -11:54                    M8 - 10:30                      M14 - (.26) 8:47 pace
M3 -11:07                    M9 - 10:01
M4- 10:58                   M10 - 9:55
M5 -10:51                   M11 - 10:11
M6 -10:57                  M12 -  9:41