Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

I did it. I completed my 1st Half Marathon!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now first things first - I didnt take a camera or my phone to take pics along the way. So there arent a lot of photos until I can find a blogger who took some that I can borrow. :)

So back to the event - Brett and I were both signed up - we did the whole expo thing on Friday

Holy Moly was that an event. Packet pick up was in one building and the expo in another.... a little pain in the butt but not horrible.  So Packet pick up was super easy - with the number of cars and the thousands of people walking towards the buildings I thought oh this will take an hour at least. Nope not at all. Got our #'s and found out we were in Corral H....the last freaking corral..... ok ok I get it 1st race, youre not 'royalty' to be in the front just yet.

We head to the Expo because 1) we needed our goodie bags and 2) I signed Brett and I up for Pace groups by Cliff Bar....so we wanted to find out where they'd be. So we walk up and me being so proud of signing up tells the guy and he says ok pace group 1:50 is in corral A and 2:15 is in B what are your corrals.......my heart sinks and I say H.... hes like Oh just go back to registration and have them switch you.... Im thinking I know its not that easy so after a quick purchase at the trackshack booth for some cliff shots and body glide, back to registration we went.

We go to the lady and tell her what Cliff bar man said and shes like sure we can if you provide proof of a 10K race or higher......hahahh yah right lady I've only ran a 10K as practice not in race format. so we say sorry we didnt sign up for anything prior and she says well the closest I can put you in is corral D instead. So we easily agreed and were now in Corral D.

Brett was really happy and said it would work out to our benefit, just wait and see. So we headed home like 2 kids before Christmas and I laid out all of our stuff (clothes, ipods, garmins, race #'s, breakfast,) so we'd be ready to go in the morning.

Finally at 10:00pm we went to bed.......and at 2:45am we were awake, wanting but not wanting to get out of bed. at 3:10am we left our house for the Mouse house for the race.

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