Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh dang

Though I'm notorious for learning about things last - I've known about the heat but havent paid real close attention to the rest of the world. Holy moly people - its been hot and not just in Florida and like oh dang real hot.

I attempted to run the other day to 'start' my half marathon training. So I waited until it was 'later' uhh yah stilllllll way too hot out. Not cool. I really dont want to run 'real late' when its dark out, so Please God turn off the heat at night I dont want to die of heat stroke when I run.

With the job hunt this cartoon was exactly how I felt.  The job market hasnt been ideal lately and I have a decent job its just not what I want out of my career.  Well the other day I posted about an interview and well I heard back and................

YAYA I am so happy! I start in 2 weeks and cant wait.


  1. LOL @ the chart! I am so feeling you.. this heat is making me miserable!

  2. The heat is ridiculous! I usually head out for a run around 8:30pm and end in the dark but at least it's a little cooler.