Thursday, May 5, 2011


disclaimer: I am NOT a CPA. I am not designating myself as a CPA. I am merely taking the exam and posting about the exam process at this time. Thanks :)

Alrighty - CPA - Certified Public Accountant.  Crash course in how to get this designation after your name.

1. Go to college and earn 150 credit hours (aka 5 years) for the most part almost all states (45/50) have this requirement.

2. For Florida I had to submit an application to the FL dept of business & professional regulation, to be approved to sit for the cpa exam (aka 'the exam')

3. Receive Notice to Schedule from NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy)

4. Pay Gobs of Money for exam fees and registration fees to NASBA - wait 3-5 days for your Notice to Schedule (NTS) which comes via email (and is a huge waste of time because if its email it should be immediate but thats just me)

5. Get NTS - log onto Prometric's site to finally pick the most dreaded day in your own personal history.

6. STUDY - STUDY - Lose friends - STUDY - gain bags under eyes - dream....

7. Exam Day. The most anxious day, nerve wrecking day in my life. Like its so not cool and you have to do it 4 times (well thats if your lucky and can pass each section on your 1st try).

Each exam for the CPA section varies on time and with all the fun new changes for 2011 lets just hope everyone passes. Oh wait that wont hapen....because look here
The pass rates for 2010 are wonderful.....ughh. Pretty fun looking test right??

If my life wasnt busy enough, trying to have a social life, become a better runner, enjoy life, I decided to pursue this little adventure. Right now I'm studying for FAR (well actually getting back into studying - I kinda have ADD when it comes to studying). I took Audit in April and have the fingers, toes, eyes, all crossed in hopes I passed that one but a miracle would be great too.

When I was at the Big 4 I used Becker but that was a while ago so I had to invest in some updated material and came across Yaeger. They use Wiley for their books and though the print is small and cramed together its not horrible.
What I like about Yaeger is 1 - it was way cheaper than Becker, 2 - the instructors 'teach' more vs Becker that just read the book to you 3 - you get access to the instructors via phone / email. granted they have a time limit (I think 3 hours per section you can call and chat with them) but still thats pretty awesome especially if you dont get it. 4 - yaeger sends you their videos on a usb stick so you can use it anywhere, becker you can only install it on 2-3 computers and then after 1 year its not accessible (unless you know a few computer tricks).

So thats about it for my CPA report today - questions email me at my email address

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  1. Good luck studying! I sat for that dreaded exam multiple times and failed by 1 freaking point each time! Clearly, it is not in my future to be a CPA (or an accountant for that matter!) Do you still work in public accounting? Are you audit or tax?