Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week Overview: May 15 - 21

Right now life is busy so these week overviews make my life easier in posting how I tortured myself with exercise.

Sunday - 3.62 miles in 30 mins on the elliptical. Now only if I could do that outside.
Monday - 1 mile walk on treadmill, chatting it up with my friend MaryKay (MK for short).Then I remembered this incline workout that PB Fingers posted the other day so I 'attempted' it.

Minutes                         Incline                                   Speed

0 – 10                              1.0                                         6.8 (I did 6.0)
10 – 15                           10.0                                        4.0
15 – 17                           1.0                                          6.5 (I did 6.0)
17 – 20                           1.0                                          6.8 (I did 6.2)

The treadmill kicked my butt on this today. WOW. Give it a try if youre in one of those, lets see how bad I can punish myself moods. Of course only do what you can handle. Obviously I'm not up for speed of 6.8 so I did what I was comfortable with and with what I could handle.

If that wasnt enough I then went to the stationary bike and rode for 30 mins and knocked out 11.38 miles.

Tuesday - 1250 yard swim
Wednesday - 3.51 mile run. The longest run to date! Whooo hoooo! Mentally its getting easier - I again went different ways which helped because I knew I couldnt stop until I finished.
M1 - 9:40,
M2 - 10:07
M3 - 9:59,
M4 - 9:32(.51)

Thursday - Hot Yoga day.
Friday - rest
Saturday - Hot Yoga followed by a 2 mile treadmill run. My legs were exhausted! But I loved it.

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