Monday, May 16, 2011

Vacation Update

Alrighty - so we Finally decided on a vacation destination. Its super exciting and I can't wait. The husband and I decided to head to.........

We decided on the following cities to make our world tour; Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin & London.

I've been to London before so I have that day planned with seeing the city and then doing the tour out to Windsor castle, Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. But everywhere else - I need some help. 
Oh and the almost 2nd best part to this is that we asked my mom if she wants to go and shes 'thinking' about it. so keep your fingers crossed she tells me to book her ticket!

So tell me  - have you been to any of these cities? What are some things to see / tours to go on? Where are some great places to eat? What in the world should I pack for December / what are some good walking boots to wear?

I have 6 months until go time so email me - if you think of anything helpful between now and December.

:)  Happy Monday.

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  1. oh wow! that will be an amazing trip, I definitely want to try to get to Europe at some point!