Sunday, May 8, 2011


Nope, not on vacation (yet). I'm trying to determine where the hubs and I should go on vacation later this year. I havent even narrowed down a list yet, this is the frustrating part. Well that and the fact that I havent booked anything yet.  When are we planning to go somewhere? December. Why am I freaking when its 6+ months away? Well because I'm a little ocd when it comes to having everything set and planned and done and not 'spur of the moment'.

Yes there are GOBS of places I want to go....

its just WHERE should we go this year ?
We love islands - we've been to USVI, BVI, St. Lucia, Tahiti
and we love snow skiing. Because last year was to Tahiti, we attempted to gather friends and go skiing but with people having babies its not going to work out.  So we figured lets take another fun trip while we can. 

I've been to London (had to go for work in 2007) so I'm wanting to convince the stubborn husband that he'd like going to Europe too, and we'd also hop on a train and check out other countries while we are over there. Oh and let me throw out there I can get us 2 free tickets over there right now with sky miles! The ONLY thing I'm concerned about is the weather and the cold. Like its one thing when youre skiing, but to play tourist and have to wear sweaters, coats, hats, gloves, scarves - is it really worth it?

Then I got thinking - let me throw it out there. Where is your dream vacation?
If you've been to Europe, when did you go and what other countries have you been to / would you recommend going to?

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  1. That's awesome you want to go to Africa. I'm going to Uganda this summer for an outreach trip! Really excited! I wish I had Euro recommendations but I have yet to travel there!