Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 2011 Summary

I cant believe another month is over. I'm not sure about you but April seemed to FLY by.  But I guess when you log 46 miles, it helps pass the time....well that and a lot of this

Oh Easter Candy- how I love thee!! Brett and I have 'discussions' about which is the better candy.  I say they are in 2 different categories since Reese's are well hands down the best chocolate/peanut butter candy and Cadburry Creme eggs are well just delicious!!

Some Highlights this month include
Taking about 2 weeks off to rest my legs in order for the Shin Splints to go away.
Foam Rolling = Friend
Taking Kady for a billion walks....alright not a billion but almost
Being Featured on Skinny Runner which has increased my follower count! Whooohoo!
Running 2 5K's 1 week apart and setting a New PR!!
Getting back into the pool at the gym

Cant believe its May already! Memorial Day will be here before we know it and  Round 2 of the CPA exam is this month.... I'll post soon about this I promise :) 

46.04 Miles in April
Walking: 21.66 miles
Running: 12.35 miles
Elliptical: 6.18 miles
Cycling: 5.05 miles
Swimming: 0.8 miles 

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  1. Good job on your 4th month! I love Reese too, they are my favorite candy aside from Swedish fish!