Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running with Dogs

"If dogs could talk, it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one." ~Andy Rooney

This is my baby, Kady. Kady is a Doberman Pinscher and she is 6 years old. Brett and I got her as a puppy when she as 12 weeks old.  When we went to the breeder, only her and her sister were left, so we were left with the hard choice of which puppy to choose. Upon letting the 2 out into the yard, the sister started digging - which made our decision very easy at that point.

Kady is AKC and her AKC Name is actually Kady Von Legend Monster. Yes we named her Monster - LOL. It was and is very fitting for her. She was a monster as a puppy. She was a punk and full of energy.  Now being 6 she has dfinately calmed down and Brett and I are thankful - though its sad thinking of her as getting 'old'.

Now what happens is usually Brett takes her for a run because the speedy monster runs way too fast for me.  Well Kady 2.0 has slowed down now, so I can take her for runs, and Im kinda on the fence about how I feel about running with her. She starts off way slow now- like you have to drag her to get going.  Since she does run slower, it is nice if youre in one of those I dont care moods and just want to run.

Tonight we had a nice walk and then run together. She likes to pretend she doesnt have any energy after a run or a walk. ::eye roll:: good thing I know different. LoL.

This morning we did a 1 mile walk, lunchtime we did a 1/2 mile walk, home from work another 1 mile walk and then a 1.25 mile run. Not a bad day for the Kady Monster :)

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