Saturday, April 23, 2011

Run # 65

"The first thing is to love your sport. Never do it to please someone else. It has to be yours." - Peggy Fleming

This morning was the American Lung Associations Fight For Air Run / Walk. The event started at 7:30am and was in 'my back yard'. So when a race is that close I somewhat feel like I have to do it.  Now I did not register for this race - oooooooooh - tsk tsk. Yes Yes horrible I know.  BUT when I got home I went online and donated to the American Lung Association.

So 7am the alarm goes off and Brett and I did NOT want to get up. SO, being the brave one that I am, I got out of bed and started brushing my teeth and putting on my running clothes - this sparked Brett to get out of bed. After chugging some water and me eating 1/2 a granola bar we headed down to Lake Eola to partake in this mornings route

 The course wasnt too bad - started on Eola drive = brick = :(  but then we got onto pavement BUT the way the course was laid out, we had more uphills than downhills.  Alright Alright maybe not actual hills but remember being in Florida, any slight incline on a road = hill.  Even Brett when we met up was like 'wow that had a lot of hills" hahah

This race is smaller - so perfect for the beginning or seasoned runner. The roads were open and it isnt a crowded race like the IOA 5K. There were 2 water stops and the Easter bunny handed out water at the end. Oh speaking of the end - Brett and I both think they had the finish too far since he logged 3.15 miles - I was watchin my Garmin and once it hit 3.10 I pushed the stop button so fast LOL but It was at least .05 away from the finish.  AND the best part- I set a new 5K PR!!

Overall it was a great race - great turnout - great cause and the course was better than average in my opinion and I can see if you were to be apart of a team this would be a great atmosphere afterwards to hang out at. 

Results of Run #65
Distance: 3.10
Time: 29:28
Pace: 9:30 / mile
M1 - 9:31
M2 - 9:44
M3 - 9:21
M4 (.1) - 8:47 / mile pace


  1. Good job! Nice time! Beat that 30 min mark! That's my goal this year!

  2. That's great! My goal is also to be under 30 minutes. Nice work.