Monday, April 18, 2011

In Honor of Boston

"In my mind, I am a Kenyan" - Author unknown

In Honor of the Boston Marathon (yes that happened today) I noticed a fun little thing to try. Courtney has her annual 'Move the decimal run' so instead of 26.2 , she ran a 2.62. SWEET! My kind of run right there.

After work my friend Amanda went to the gym with me and Jourdan to attend her 1st spin class

Tonight was the 'easy' class since our favorite instructor / good friend Alex was running Boston (and she set a new PR!!! @ 3:29:26). 

After class I came home and decided to go out for my inaugural "Move the decimal run". After the 5K last week I knew to start off slower than normal - especially since I just did an hour spin class. It was getting late so I stuck to Lake Eola and started out doing the square around the lake and then went for the circle since its more populated / lighted at night.  Hit the 2 mile mark and the legs became 1,000lb weights.  I knew it was because of spin but I kept going - I had to finish, cheezy but I have all these fabulous followers now who are dying for an update. LOL
So what do I do? I keep my running up and 'pretend' i'm in a race - yes I kinda did this for real and when I passed someone I was like yesss! hahah it worked but cheezy.

Congrats to alll those who Ran Boston today!

Thanks Courtney for posting about your Move the Decimal!

Results of Run #64
Distance: 2.62 miles
Time: 26:23
Pace: 10:04 / mile
M1 - 10:05
M2 - 10:00
M3 (.62) - 10:08 / mile pace.


  1. Glad you participated! lol
    I think it was a dailymile challenge last year, so Ken and I did it together. Cute idea, huh?

  2. Cute idea! I will definitely keep that in mind next year!