Thursday, April 14, 2011

IOA Corporate 5K

Tonight was the IOA Corporate 5K in downtown Orlando. This picture is from last year. The 2010 race had 12,633 participants. The 2011 Race was estimated to be 14,000+ participants!  It is by far the most fun race I've ever ran in and I've been doing it for 4 years now.

The race in previous years was held at the Orlando Citrus bowl but its been downtown now for 2 years now with this year being the 3rd (I believe) and I love the course.  This was this years course - I LOVED how they moved the walkers to another area this year. In previous years walkers would be behind the runners and with 12,000+ people, those who are blessed being able to run a 15 min 5K couldnt finish without running into the walkers who were at the finish line waiting to start.  In addition to that - just the course alone was great!!! It looked really boring on the map but it really wasnt. Its awesome to see the sea of people ahead of you and they put us on bigger roads so in some areas it was more open feeling.

Now I was a little hesistant running this race tonight because I havent ran in nearly 3 weeks because of the shin splints. I really didnt want to hurt again and have to sit out on all the fun. I need to start upping my mileage and if I have another shin setback ...ugh that would stink.

I ran the race with my BFF Jourdan. She's a Numbers person like me but she does tax so right now shes kinda busy  :(  so she hasnt been able to run a ton working until like 8pm every night :(
But she was a sport and we started running together - kept it slow - just having fun but around mile 2 she was getting a horrible cramp so she moved to the side to walk it out and I was just jogging in place to stay with her but she told me to go on but I didnt and shes like its ok just go - now when she tells you something you listen so I listened and sped up some to test the legs out.
No pictures of us - sorry folks - didnt bring a camera.

Before the race I was a good girl and foam rolled my legs out, I also did it after when I got home.
During the race I had NO PAIN!!! Can you believe it?? :::Happy Dance::

Results of Run #63
Distance: 3.13 miles
Time: 32:15
Pace: 10:17 / mile
M1 - 10:48
M2 - 10:32
M3 - 9:44
M4 (.13) - 8:40 / mile pace



  1. lol - love the happy dance. Glad you were pain free! Nice splits too. Way to finish strong, girl!

  2. Good job! Always do the happy dance after a race, doesn't matter the time, because you did it and finished!

  3. I saw all the runners when I got out of Crossfit last night and I'll have to say, I was a little jealous. Nice job on the race!

  4. Nice work on the run, and great news that you didn't have any pain!

  5. Glad you had a good time. The race actually used to be downtown at Lake Eola years before it was at the Citrus Bowl. The streets were better at the Citrus Bowl, but there was no shade and that made it a very hot course. Members of the Jones High School band used to play on the course which was really cool, though.

  6. I work for Track Shack Events so it's great to hear about your experience. Glad to hear a little exercise with 14,323 of your neighbors was fun. Please keep in touch with me throughout the year, I'd love to get feedback especially for insight on how to make it better for everyone. Glad the split between walkers and runners worked out. Our wish would be to start the race a little earlier but the city selected the start time of 7:15pm to allow traffic to have time to clear. Enjoy wellness!
    Sarah Brown