Sunday, May 16, 2010

Run #17

Running is real, and relatively simple...but it ain't easy - Mark Will-Weber

So I have been running here and there, I just havent been trying as hard as I could and I havent been consistent. I get into these ruts where I want to just be lazy, eat un-healthy, and do whatever I want after work.
So this past weekend I figured lets start blogging again - stick with it - triathlons are coming up and I have to get ready so here's my Take 3 (maybe take 4 or 5 - I just dont want to count)
So Sunday, Brett and I were bad, we skipped Church so I decided at 12 or 12:30 I was going for a run. It felt so good - it was hot but there was a slight breeze so it helped. Now I didnt take my Garmin (didnt feel like it)

Results of Run #17
Distance: 1.25 (Estimated)
Time: 11:42
Avg Pace: 9:21 / mile

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