Sunday, February 28, 2010

Run # 16

"Life is short...running makes it seem longer." - Baron Hansen

Today felt like the longest ever. Brett and I are at his parents and I just felt so gross that I decided I'm going to go for a run. I like changing things up, especially over here its not downtown running, its an older neighborhood with all kinds of streets so there are so many different ways to choose from. So after waiting forever for the Garmin to find a satellite, off I went and boy was it cold and windy. Ok it wasnt super super cold because the sun was out but man the wind was so strong and of course it had to be coming straight at me, instead of helping me out and being behind me.

The garmin though will be the death of me. All I seem to do is check it to see how far I've been because in my mind I feel like i've already ran 40 miles and the thing hasn't buzzed to signify I've been 1 mile (I really need to turn off the buzzer). hahha - I finished though and wow not too bad. I just really need to move on and get into a 2 mile routine.

Results of Run # 16
Distance: 1.11 miles
Time: 10:21
Avg Pace: 9:18 / mile
M1 - 9:20

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