Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Run #12

So the new year didnt start out like I wanted it to - so now I'm a little behind.

February started my 'new year' so let the running begin

Run #12
Date: 2-2-10

A little chillly out - got home from work, changed, and to my surprise Brett said he was going with me. Now its been a while - a long while - so completing 1 mile was the only thing on my mind. Started out a little slow, picked it up and wow half way around the lake, I wanted to quit, i wanted to walk - it hurt, my legs were confused, my lungs stung because of the cooler air but Ugh not at a mile so nope cant stop.

Get closer to the 'finish' and my Garmin hasnt bussed to let me know i've hit a mile. but when i looked down I had ran for about 8:30 so far so I had to run further than my intended finish line to hit a mile and was so happy with myself to actually complete it.

Results of Run #12
Distance: 1.00 miles
Time: 9:45

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