Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cycle #1

"The Bicycle is a curiuos vehicle. Its passenger is its engine." - John Howard

Well this is weird to write Cycle #1 - In July I started back up riding and did a 10 mile, a 24 mile and a 20 mile ride but because I wasn't blogging or updating daily mile they cant really count in blogger land can they? ::sigh::

Last night Brett and I went to my in-laws who live 18 miles away (its like our Hampton get away since we live downtown in the city and they are more in the country in a neighborhood where each house is on a minimum 2 acre lot).

Well last night our dog Kady decided at 230 she needed to go out, well she woke me up so I woke Brett up to take her, well she was in a weird mood and wouldnt potty so at 330 am brett finally came back to bed - so needless to say my goal of getting up 'early' to go ride was delayed since we didnt get up until 930. I changed, got the bike ready and went out at about 10am. Umm yah, there is a reason why its best to get up early and run/cycle because its so gosh darn hot.
I'm glad I went but at the same time, I dont really enjoy going alone so I dont venture too far, Just a warm up lap around the neighborhood, leave the neighborhood (and wait for the gate to creep open UGH!) and go into the neighborhood next door and ride since to ride on the main road has the bike lane give out and people are a little speedy.

Results of Cycle #1
Distance: 8.61 miles
Time: 34:09
Pace: 15.12 mph avg

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